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  1. Why change the tuners? These are Wilkinson Deluxe tuners which on my guitar work fine, even a bit less good than on my Casino which has the 'e' stamped cheapo Korean Kluson knock-offs. I don't see the point in replacing them really.
  2. I agree about the pickup.... Roll of the Treble and Bass and maybe use a nice clean boost pedal (I use a Diamond Compressor as a boost) and everything will be just dandy...!
  3. that's probably the ugliest coloured strap I've ever seen (and what's the the plastic clamp at the end?), sorry mate, no offense. Just buy a couple of gold strap locks for a buck twenty and maybe a nice strap if you're on it.
  4. to answer the question about the pickup and the 'plugged-in' sound. It's good. The thing is though, the 'bright' and 'bass' control are redundand. I've read that this pickup was originall designed for classical/spanish guitars and also picks up the vibration of the top as the strings are vibrating. Anyways... Engaging the 'bass' control will give you a huge load of hum and engaging the 'treble' will make the guitar sound too bright (which might be good if you want it to sound like a classical guitar, hehe). The thing I do (and I play it through my trusty Fender Twin Reverb) is to crank th
  5. Hi, look what I've found on the 'bay An old Epiphone Triumph guitar in great shape (apart from the easily replacable hardware...) Enjoy http://cgi.ebay.ch/Epiphone-Triumph-gibson-vintage-archtop-guitar_W0QQitemZ110495263861QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar?hash=item19ba07ec75
  6. how about putting one strap on it and leaving it on? Just a thought.
  7. I'd buy that double cutway with bigsby if only the swap to TV-Jones pickups didn't mean that much hassle.... =(
  8. get Sune Wagner to smuggle it to Denmark for ya =)
  9. It depends what the guys at AbsoluteMusic say... If it has the crown inlay it's a leftover Korean, if not, it's the new limited-edition with the oval-inlay and better shaped 'horns'...
  10. Are those 3 Blackface Fender Bassman heads in those shelves?! I think I'm going to faint for a second or three...
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