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  1. Or Crosby, frankenstein, and Estevez.
  2. Steekers?....Steekers?? I don't need no Steenkin' Steekers!
  3. I've taken a little Hiatus from playing my guitars what with the lovely weather... Fishing is my other main hobby and the fishing has been excellent both at the seaside as well as sweet water fishing. Going to take a week to do some light maintenance on the guitars; That said, I want to do a string change and light nut filing on the Union Jack....just wondering what any of you guys used as replacement strings and how would you rate the playability of your guitar after the change? Peace, luke
  4. Makes a great excuse if you are one that is habitually running late... 'Oh, I forgot to set my clock back an hour...':--)
  5. So essentially what you are saying the Silvertones took a licking and kept on ticking? That's a pretty good testimonial considering their war record and action you described they've seen.Hoo-ah!My little 1481 saw a few minor skirmishes at the DAV and The Ted Mack Original Amatuer Hour audition, jr.high dances, etc.and held up quite well. My main amps when playing bar gigs later on in life were my 69 Silverface Bandmaster reverb and my 80 Music man 210 75 rp.Both amps had the snot beat out of them and never quit on me.
  6. If you are speaking of Silvertone amps, yes... I have my original 1481 that I got from Sears for my 12 th birthday, along with a bronze and white 1300 Silvertone guitar made by Danolectro for Sears...Dolphin headstock, single lipstick PU.Amazing how the value of both of these items have risen over the last few years...spurred on by nostalgia and guys like Jack White playing them. The guitar is still pretty funky, I always loved the tone(s) you can squeeze out of it. The amp...well, I seen the1481 touted as being on par with a vintage Champ......Nah, no way, but It is still a good little pra
  7. Nicely written narrative there Billy, :--) Thanks for the tip about the Tusq XL nut as I have been encountering a similiar prob. 9 bucks is indeed not a 'princely' sum so I am going to go for it... Just filed the fret ends on my MIM Tele with a set of files I purchased from MF, so since that paltry little chore exhausted my limited skills and patience for guitar maintenance I will have the local guitar guy install the nut for me.... He owes me since I recently restored his Grandmothers Antique Walnut Eastlake Bed that he inherited from her estate. I hesitate to call him 'my luthier'
  8. See the 'Epiphone Sheraton Union Jack Waiting Thread' here in Epiphone Electrics...lenghty thread, I'm sure a lot of your questions will be answered and more.(:--)
  9. Still lots of used, refurbs, and new UJ s on ebay.Major issues are the cracked paint at the top of the fret board and some are being sold with the mini humbuckers replaced with epiphone pick ups. For me, one of the draws of the guitar was the gibson pickups......I wouldnt care for the epi pickups.
  10. Hi and Welcome...got mine in Nov. Also...and like you, this thread had been very helpful in discerning the particular faults and oddities of the EJs.I'm sorry I can't help you with the lower string buzz...I had none of that before or after a pro set- up...can't remember that issue coming up here or on the official Epiphone site of the EJ in the comments section. Also, I have kept the original strings on it...Probably change them in May but don't know what I will swap in yet. The only issue mine had out of the box was the lower two strings would keep going flat (I only own one other Epi, a LP
  11. I remember your saga well...probably had more UJ s than anyone...Glad you got one you were finally happy with...Gibson really saws them up....?! Beasts...Savages!
  12. I sent questions to both sellers on eBay about the PUs. In the refurbs...one guy said the OE gibby mini humbuckers were faulty so he replaced them with P90s...the other said it arrived at the refurb fctory with no p.u.s so they were replaced with Epi mini humbuckers. For the prices they are asking this seems unacceptable...no warranty, one has no case... You can get a brand new one for a few bucks more with the lovely gibson PUs , free shipping and possibly 15% off the price of 899.00 bucks.
  13. Just saw a couple of Refurbs on eBay for sale...not much off List price and one with no case....Both dealers have replaced the OEM pickups ...one claims guitar came into refurb factory w/o any pick ips and the other says Orig. Pickups were defective.Sounds strange...One said pick ups were replaced with EPIPHONE mini humbuckers...
  14. Cork Sniffers are often people who have insecurities regarding their talent or social status. Buying an expensive brand name and showing disdain for a less expensive item can often be a futile attempt to mitigate their insecurity. Just sayin'. :--)
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