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  1. Thank you very much, you've been very helpful throughout and have gone above and beyond.
  2. Quick update, I just spoke with someone at Gibson customer service directly who was very helpful. I also spoke with the Reverb seller. Gibson rep says after 20+ years at Gibson, he's seen it all. He says a guitar going out without a sound hole label is rare, but it happens. He thinks Gibson probably ran out of the NG specific materials towards the end of the run and just started shipping guitars without them so they aren't piling up in the warehouse. This is also likely the cause of the shipping delays Orchid mentioned earlier. He said Guitar Center should have made me aware that th
  3. Guys, thanks for all the helpful comments. It's a frustrating situation, to be sure. To think you can spend nearly five grand on a brand-new guitar (I've bought cheaper automobiles!) and experience such a shockingly low level of quality control and customer service is really disheartening. Thanks to Jalex for the Reverb link to another incomplete guitar with an included Humidipak, though that one does have its sound hole label, which is far more important. I imagine NG only signed so many, but hopefully a few extras for cases like mine. I'm going to ask the seller if he bought his guitar
  4. I just wanted to share my experience ordering one of these guitars from Guitar Center, unfortunately it is not a positive one. I placed an order on June 21 for this guitar, it finally shipped on July 13 and I got it later that week. The guitar was shipped in a plain outer shipping box, with the Gibson factory box inside. Immediately, I could tell something was wrong as the Gibson box had a broken factory seal (which reads "Check contents if seal is broken" and on opening the lid, the factory packaging materials were out of place and incomplete. When I opened the case, the guitar I receiv
  5. Are you sure it's not the fret edges you're feeling? Are they protruding past the wood? If so, the guitar may be a little dry or the fret edges may need some filing. Anyway, no such issues on mine... it's extremely well finished and comfortable to play.
  6. There's now one for less than $7k on Reverb, it's a race to the bottom. I'd guess that bottom is no more than a grand over MSRP by the time all orders are shipped. It's a buyer's market and Reverb is flooded with inventory considering 2% of total production is currently listed there and collecting dust. Patience will reward those still waiting, even if the price isn't quite MSRP. I think Gibson knew what it was doing and had an idea of what demand would be going into this. I do wonder if Gibson will want to do more NG artist series guitars in the future including some U.S.-made Epiphones.
  7. Two more available on Reverb, both over $8k. I feel like the number of people willing to pay this much must be very, very small. We'll see if they sell. https://reverb.com/item/41669027-gibson-noel-gallagher-j-150-2021-vintage-sunburst https://reverb.com/item/41670009-gibson-noel-gallagher-j-150-acoustic-guitar-2021-vintage-sunburst-vos
  8. Whenever I receive my NG J-150, I'll post a pic of it next to my blonde J-150, my sunburst Epiphone EJ-200 (with Adidas sticker) and my Epiphone Supernova.
  9. Mine won't be for sale either, but I agree with you. That said, I'm sure there aren't too many more people willing to pay double.
  10. It's a good point! The highest sales tax in the U.S. is about 10% (I live in one of these high-tax areas, so it cost me just shy of $4,700). So the guitar is still cheaper in the U.S. than most places by a significant margin. Which makes sense as a U.S.-made guitar. Anyway, the Reverb re-sale is no longer listed, but a google search strangely doesn't turn up the sold page.
  11. Keep in mind, this guitar in places like Europe and the U.K. is already about $1k more expensive than it is in the U.S. Whatever the market will bear... if you missed out and are happy to pay a premium to secure one, more power to you. GC has authorized my payment on Friday, but still hasn't shipped my guitar. I'll continue to be patient : ) Too hot here in the PNW at the moment to play much, anyway. I wonder if the lifted label issue has affected any other guitars? Could it be due to massive heat during shipment which weakened the adhesive? Rather than fix myself, I'd ask Gibson fo
  12. Thanks, Orchid! Why the snark, Sgt. Pepper? Those of us who worked hard to afford these guitars have every right to be excited.
  13. BIG thanks to Orchid for the notice of GC availability last night. I've been following this guitar for a long time now, already own a blonde J-150 after failing to find a sunburst example after years of searching. I've been reading the updates on this forum after Gibson has provided very little info beyond the "June 2021" release mention. Saw June 21 was the date here, but after checking all day, wasn't able to find it available with any of the usual distributors. As I was heading to bed, I decided to search one more time. Happened across Orchid's post from a half-hour prior about GC ava
  14. Just a quick update. I took the UJ back to Guitar Center to return and the guy working the counter was very apologetic about it though it wasn't his fault. He also told me that he's personally accepted the return of two other Epiphones (different models) that suffered from the same fretboard/neck separation in the PAST WEEK. Epi needs to get this sorted before its reputation is ruined. He agreed with my decision not to order another one, as though the issue may not be immediately apparent, he was concerned that the separation could still happen in the future. Good luck to everyone. I susp
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