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  1. Just a quick update. I took the UJ back to Guitar Center to return and the guy working the counter was very apologetic about it though it wasn't his fault. He also told me that he's personally accepted the return of two other Epiphones (different models) that suffered from the same fretboard/neck separation in the PAST WEEK. Epi needs to get this sorted before its reputation is ruined. He agreed with my decision not to order another one, as though the issue may not be immediately apparent, he was concerned that the separation could still happen in the future. Good luck to everyone. I suspect there will be a slew of $500 factory-second UJ's hitting the chain retailers in the near future after repairs are made to all the rejects.
  2. Thanks for the note, Matt. While I have no doubt that there are some good examples out there, I refuse to stand by a company that ships guitars in this state, hoping to get a sucker customer that doesn't know any better. The labels on the box that my guitar came in specifically stated that my guitar shipped from Epiphone's USA quality control center in Nashville, TN. See photo! I'll only buy used Epis from here on. Epi will get no more NEW money from me. And BTW, in the photo I attached, does "C/T NO" mean that this is 146 of 300 supposedly shipped to Guitar Center?
  3. Well, I got mine the other day, shipped to store from Guitar Center. I specifically ordered from Guitar Center because I got 15% off several months ago when I ordered during a promotion and I knew that if there were any issues, I could return to the in-store location just a few miles away from my house. Anyway, brought the guitar home that night, did a slow unboxing, and was ultimately very disappointed. While the guitar is playable with decent action and good tone from the mini humbuckers, my example suffers from the same overtightened truss rod condition that has caused the fretboard to separate from the neck up to the first fret. There's also a smudge in the paint on the upper body, near the binding and the f-hole finish is very rough to both the eye and the touch, with poor paint work around the edges. I know I'm a new member here, but I've lurked for years and currently own a '06 Gibson J45 (USA), '12 Gibson Les Paul Jr. (USA), '12 Epiphone EJ-200 (China?), and Epiphone Sheraton II ('94, Korean made). I've also owned a '70s Japanese EA-250 semi-hollow electric in the past, along with a '90s EJ-200 and a '90s Casino. Suffice it to say, I've got experience with these guitars and I've been happy with every one so far. This one is a major disappointment, and from what I've seen here and on the Epiphone website, the perfect ones are few and far between. Nearly everyone has at least a minor to major finish issue (many seem to be dismissive of these issues because of the wait they've endured) and many are bad to the degree of being completely defective, as mine is. I have kept the guitar a few days, plugged it in, played it, trying to convince myself to give Epiphone another chance. I have decided that I will not. I will return, rather than exchange this guitar and have my heart broken again. There was a time that I really wanted an Epiphone Noel Gallgher Supernova. I knew it wasn't "authentic" to the guitar Noel actually played, and I yearned for better. After the Union Jack was announced, I thought I'd never want for a Supernova again. Indeed, I saw a flood of Supernovas on eBay when the Union Jack started shipping -- presumably those who felt similar to me and wanted a more authentic Noel guitar. They seemed to come on market at significantly discounted prices -- as if the Union Jack was the new Oasis standard. But now, I feel that I'd rather have a Supernova with its superior build quality. While it's not totally authentic (and neither is the Union Jack with its white sides and back), it does seem to have a better build and a closer connection to Noel. In fact, I think I'll buy one in Man City blue -- I'd rather display a Union Jack -painted guitar than play it, I've learned. So as for me, I'm on the hunt for a sub-$600 Supernova in Man City Blue. Hopefully they stay cheap a few weeks longer. ***EDIT: By the way, many say only early June-July '14 UJs suffer these defects. The serial number of my defective guitar is quite visible in one of my photos. My guitar was made in August 14, if I'm not confused. The defects are inherent to the current assembly line/setup dept.
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