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  1. Sorry I've tried to upload an image , but I've given up..
  2. Yes it does look very similar , but I have a tunomatic bridge .
  3. Are you happy with the quality/workmanship of the VOS 335 ?
  4. Hi-- I'm fairly new to the site but recently got back into playing my 175 ! I have an early 90's ES-175DN that I purchased used when it was only a few years old. I have a few questions for the 175 experts.. My guitar looks different from other guitars I have seen of this type. The top is natural finish, but that back and sides are a darker wood, similar to the neck (mahogany maybe ?). all other 175's that I have seen have a lighter color body - perhaps maple.). the body is finished in a clear lacquer, so you can see the grain and the color is a darker red-ish color.. Is this an unusual model and is there any difference between the maple body in terms of sound ? Second question: My guitar as a tune-o-matic bridge which is mounted on two posts. the wood platform for the posts sits on top of the guitar. One problem I continually have had is that the bridge posts like to bend over time (towards the headstock). This causes the bridge to tilt forward slightly. The luthier I took it too, thinks it's not the original bridge because they didn't come with a tune-o-matic. I am not sure I believe that because my guitar was bought used from Normans Rare guitars and it was new (but sold used) with all the tags attached. Any suggestions for the bridge ? btw, the luthier used double sided tape to stick the bridge to the top. Not sure I like this idea, but the guitar's sound didn't change to my ears, so I went with it. Third question: I actually prefer the 60's style curly trapeze for the 175's rather than the square trapeze I have. I am wondering if I could buy a Gibson replacement (that doesn't involve drilling the guitar or changing holes) of the vintage tailpiece ? I would save the original one of course for the next person... Thank in advance !
  5. The sides and back look like they are from the identical piece of wood - same grain and color.
  6. I have a 1990 ES-175DN. This guitar has a natural finish (A little yellowish) with Mahogany back and sides (almost same color wood and on neck). I took the guitar recently to a technician for a setup and he thought the back and sides may be solid rather than laminated. Any ES-175 experts out there that can confirm ?
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