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  1. Damn, still waiting for Custom, Memphis, and Acoustic. Especially, Gibson Custom.
  2. Looks interesting, but I find this guitar should have a second pickup. Having one pickup, makes it ugly in my eyes. Shame, really. Love the finish color, love the fretboard, just needed a second pickup. Also, I would prefer Custombuckers. But that's my personal taste. It's Dave's guitar in the end.
  3. Hello, my friend! We are in the same boat, it seems. I'm also looking into buying one of those Goldtops. I dunno if my thoughts on the matter will eventually help you in your search, bit I will sure try. When I'm looking to buy a new guitar, I usually go through the same process. I start off by determining if there are any differences in neck shape between the two guitars. The R6 and R7 should be historically correct. Therefore, the rule of thumb should be the further back you go, the thicker the neck becomes generally. But this might be less drastic than when you compared the R9 to a R8. But still, it might be worth a Google search, but definitely a visit to a store where you can feel the difference. You can use a right-handed version, as the shape on each model should be very consistent. Next up, determine how you like P90's and humbuckers. Also, try to answer the question what will this new guitar's role be in your arsenal, and what sort of tone will you be chasing. Also consider your amp and pedals, because they will be a huge factor, too. For me, personally, a guitar with P90's will never be a true number one. It's more to add to my collection for a different flavor, rather than taking over my core sound. These couple of points I made, I feel, will really help you to form a conscious decision on what path you're going on next. After answering these questions for yourself, you can start by comparing a couple of lefty R6's or R7's. It might take a long time, because they don't pop up all the time. But you don't want to make an impulsive decision. Ask around, and maybe ask a store to order one especially for you. Or try the used market. They do pop up from time-to-time. Hope this helped! Good luck
  4. Thanks for your reply, mate! I hope I could afford the True Historic. They are selling for a lot less now here in Europe, so it might be in my reach.
  5. Thanks mate! They also talk about the hot hide glue being used to attach the maple cap to the mahogany body. And on the TH, Gibson rounds the fingerboard slightly. All in all, you'd think the guitars wouldn't sound that much different, right? The neck profile and the size of the frets should be the same. That - along with the sound - is what's important to me.
  6. So, some of you know I am looking into acquiring a '57 Goldtop Les Paul. Also gassing for the '57 Black Beauty LP Custom, but that's for later down the road. Right now, it's time for a Goldtop. My question is this: how much of an upgrade is the True Historic over the Standard Historic Les Paul? Here where I live, it's 1500-2000 euros more for a TH generally. Is the sound and feel that much different?
  7. Great video! Nothing beats a '59 Les Paul, imo. And I met Bernie a few weeks ago. Great guy with great humor. Gibson is just making great reissues. Their Custombuckers are by far the best recreations of the PAF pickups. I love my own R9 to death, and I wouldn't mind adding another to the mix.
  8. Awesome! I'm still not sure what to get: a '57 Goldtop or Black Beauty. What are the differences? Except for the looks, of course. Let's take the True Historic versions for reference.
  9. No problem, Cody78! Yours looks great, and must play like butter. Have you modded it at all? I always feel the middle should be on a push-pull switch, so you could get the most out it. But I only recently got one, and SG Les Paul, so what do I know. Lol!
  10. WoW, that is one sick guitar. What's the feel and tone of that BB Les Paul? Does it have a fat neck? I owned a LP Custom briefly, but couldn't get along with that skinny neck.
  11. Those Standard Historics are great guitars. I have a R9, and it's my number one guitar. I'm currently looking at getting a R7. How does a R7 compare to a R9 in terms of sound and feel?
  12. True, but you're forgetting that Gibson makes short runs that don't get advertised on their website. For example, I bought a 2016 SG Les Paul Custom with a stopbar tailpiece last week, and that run only showed up on the dealer's availability list. The website never mentioned this model anywhere. My dealer here in Europe searches through the list every now and then for me for these special runs and one-offs. There's a '54 LP Custom available right now at Gibson Europe, I believe. My SG Custom has a genuine Ebony fretboard, Custombuckers, etc. Therefore, it's basically a Standard Historic model. Anyway, I hope this helped you out a bit.
  13. Don't they offer the R4, though? I mean the 1954 LP Custom Black Beauty. I also see the R4 Goldtop every now and then.
  14. That's awesome! Congrats. Does the Black Beauty have small frets? And how is the tone of this beast? I guess it's nice and bright in terms of sound. Anyway, enjoy your new guitar.
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