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    Why don't you come say howdy?
  2. There's currently a show on Broadway called "Rock & Roll" featuring songs from the 80s. Poison played with some of the cast during the opening number at the Tonys.
  3. Mt. Dew...with an occasional shot of whiskey for good measure. Rarely eat unless there is some pizza in the fridge. For that matter, I don't think I've eaten for about 3 days now....guess I should do that.
  4. No one actually followed all the links in the first post. LOL
  5. I've posted 3 PM's to elantric. I get no response. I guess he is just to important to respond to my queries.
  6. I am surprised at your response. So let me simply ask if you, KSG, and Murph were the three who voiced a complaint?
  7. I actually sent a copy/paste of the rules to elantric. If I get banned it will be for trying to get him to read. Perhaps I was asking to much.
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