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  1. Is that a new addition to the TOS? Which public libraries? Do they also ban CNN and FoxNews websites? Just wondering if the evening news also triggers red flags for PG Rated blocking filters. There's a difference between hate and negativity and simple disagreement and debate. If you want your site to be only about Gibson guitars, then change your TOS, close the lounge, and you'll have it. You can go back to only talking Gibson all the time and enjoy all the bandwidth you want while answering questions about "Is this a fake?"
  2. And now we'll all be better for it!! Image the pix we'll see.....the thinks we'll think... Seriously, though--even if you didn't do the tutorial, you did a good thing getting it "stuck" there for those of us that seem to have forgotten how technology works when we are away from the office!
  3. Great job, LiveSoundGuy. Back when I sold a ton of stuff on eBay, I knew how to do that. Now I can't remember what my photobucket username is. Caleb, the "BS" you were referring to in Boston's sig was actually a response that Axe made to a younger member elsewhere following a rather crude comment. It was actually quite appreciated by many of us at the time.
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