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  1. Just a simple question Scalloped X-bracing just vintage models?Or the standard too?
  2. Hi

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  3. Wonderful tribute...very nice!
  4. Sad news...Rest in peace Tom Petty! Thank you for all your music!
  5. new Hummingbird Standard 2018 is EUR 3300. Gibson Hummingbird HCS now 2550 euros.I bought my Hummingbird Standard HCS from thomman in 2014..2380.00 EUR Really Insane!
  6. Check ignition and may God's love be with you....... R.I.P
  7. Very nice case....I am a little confused,from Gibson website "Each guitar includes a black hardshell case with plush-lined interior..."and "Case Exterior Brown Vintage case Interior Pink"....From the place I purchase the guitar Case True Vintage Hardshell Case,Case Exterior Brown Tolex Case Interior Yellow Fabric Mine is black,interior and exterior.I know the most important thing is the guitar but for the money it costs the Gibson SJ-200 TV.....
  8. Thanks a million for your help.About the pictures,I will in another moment..for sure.I going to contact with my dealer and well see. About the guitar yes,2012 production but brand new and unplayed....no other owner before. Once again thanks for your help
  9. Hello everybody and happy new year. Well I have a simple question and I hope somebody can help me. I just Iv received my purchase...the Gibson J200 true vintage(2012) from a oficial(the only) dealer here in Ireland Inside the cage just I found...the guitar obviously and only one set of strings...what happened with the rest the accessories? (Each guitar includes a black hardshell case with plush-lined interior, owner's manual, Gibson's Gold Warranty and Gibson's 24/7/365 Customer Service) Well,owner's manual, Gibson's Gold Warranty and Gibson's 24/7/365 Customer Service....MISSING! Someone had the same problem? Thanks
  10. Hello,Andoni from Ireland.Just recently got a Hummingbird 2014.I have played guitar off and on most of my life,mostly off,and now have a passion for getting back into it.I hope to make friends here.I'm considering buying a Gibson SJ200 this year..ASAP
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