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  1. How long ago did you first become aware of the warp developing? Fatal neck warping is NOT a common issue on Chinese or any other country's inexpensive or just plain cheap guitars, and does not happen overnight. The Epis and many others have reacted as normally as any other guitars I've played over many years. The occasional seasonal adjustments and even rarer fret dressing and trussrod tweaking. You bought new, and what you're describing is a warranty issue, and I suspect a tech or luthier has never seen your guitar or been consulted.
  2. Congrats and HNGD, 212West. Beautiful color and flame. Those Pro-Buckers are excellent sounding, with those you don't have to worry about swapping them out unless you're going for a specific sound that only a certain brand or maker has. Happy Christmas noodling!!! :)
  3. Congrats, 212West. That is one beautiful LP. Love that Bourbon Burst, so rich looking and you've got a particularly nice looking flame on that.
  4. Hmmm, bought new? Can't really tell how serious the damage is or the cause but a new instrument should not have this problem under any circumstance. I would take the guitar back to the retailer with a view to have it repaired, possibly replaced or secure a price reduction. There is no excuse for this damage not to be taken care of by the place that sold it to you.
  5. Well, thanks a bunch for the GAS attack. But seriously, congrats on a sweet looking P90 Special. Looks like she means business, those P90s will just rip when pushed or they can give a very nice mellow jazz tone when dialed back. Nice axe!
  6. HNGD,LPSpII. Nice shade of blue, goes well with the pg and rosewood fretboard.
  7. Yes, good point rct. In fact I've replied directly to sellers on CL previously. Due to feeling that this is OUR forum and there are many new players I genuinely was thinking this as more of a public service or a heads up. But if this is offensive to some, I'll happily refrain from this activity.
  8. Thanks for this informative reply Parabar. I knew most but not all of your info. I was not being snarky by posting about the listing, I'm trying to help someone from getting ripped off.
  9. Sorry, it's not a "damn fine Epi" and I've played one. I've been playing good guitars for over fifty years...you? What prompted me to post is precisely this, I don't want to see a newish player buy an instrument that is widely held to be generally inferior for a huge dollar only to deeply regret it later.
  10. Yes, having played this model albeit with a different name tag nearly forty years ago, I found it to be an example of early Japanese low quality instruments. The Casino name was borrowed for a short time only and the description and title is not of any Casino I've personally ever seen or played. Lastly, $1350.00 is absurd for such a low quality guitar. In short, a very poor deal for someone with little knowledge of these guitars, which actually was my point. Edit; My '14 Dot and ES339, and many other Epis I've played are superb instruments, well beyond comparison to these EA255s. ANY mode
  11. Some people are either clueless or bs artists. Hope someone doesn't fall for this exorbitantly priced piece of crap. http://bellingham.craigslist.org/msg/5864198239.html
  12. HNGD, JerseyRay. Love SGs, pics please!
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