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  1. i got this epiphone about 18 years ago it is almost a dead ringer for an original jackson rr i havent been able to find much on it i herd that epiphone got sued by jackson over it an it was only made for one year if any one can tell me anything about it i would be very thankful
  2. i bought it used 18 years ago its got a fixed neck the jack is on the inside of the top fin other than the inlays and it says epiphpone it is very close to an original rr some one told me that epiphone got sued by jackson and it was only produced for one year but i cant find anything on it
  3. cant get pics to work but it is in my avitar
  4. this is like a perfect mach to a original randy rhoad it must be rare because i cant find anything on it
  5. does any one know anything about the epiphone that looks like a jackson rr
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