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  1. I know I am guilty of not welcoming newer members , So here is my blanket "Welcome" to the forum to you all. Hope your summer is going great.
  2. Hmmm, I've never lost money selling gear.. Most reverb sales are priced higher to factor in all the fees ,just like ebay, so I mainly sell lower priced gear there.Most buyers can see who I am and take the time to go to my website and buy direct. I have also on rare occasion when I allowed a private buyer to "try" a particular guitar out spend way to much time hanging out and not make a purchase. I also never show a client more than 1 guitar as to not hinder their decision making process.
  3. Doing what I do , I have always sold online, never any problems , I have also purchased online from private sellers ,but as stated always contact any seller and ask all your questions before a purchase and all should go well.
  4. 2K to 3K is fair asking price, the more wear though the lower the price, I would say more in the 1900 to 2200 range .
  5. I liked the Orange .striped Sg GT's that came out in the late 90's ...find one of those ...
  6. It's NOT a 69 it falls into the early 71-72 range as far as a serial number in the 900000's and also the Made in USA appears in 1971. So it not a 69 regardless of what the owner says.
  7. Get it sent back and send it to a qualified luthier in your area for half of that at least....
  8. A qualified luthier can fix easy peezy as stated above if any lean is noticeable just replace the short insert and studs with the longer inserts and studs, I have had it done many times...
  9. Only a vintage National Res O Glass and they are great for recording.
  10. Hmm, I do not see the "L" tooling marks which should be easily seen on the pickup feet and this link may help. As well as this one.
  11. Google is your friend, look for Vintage guitar shops ( they also carry a lot of used non vintage gear) in the areas you plan on visiting WAY ahead of time, bring cash and enjoy.
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