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    Songwriting. Guitar playing. High quality guitars, amps and effects. The 1960's and '70s. Classic Rock, Blues and Blues Rock, Surf, Jazz, Country, Fusion, Psychedelic, Progressive and Metal.

    A few favorite artists would include Eric Johnson, Paul Gilbert, Brad Paisley, Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Keith Urban, Danny Gatton, James Burton, Buddy Guy, Phil Keaggy, Eddie Van Halen, Chet Atkins, Wes Montgomery, Pat Metheny, Carlos Santana, Robin Trower, Gary Moore, Robben Ford, Frank Marino, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, etc. .
  1. OK. Two years down the road. Perfection. Nothing has gone wrong or failed or whatever. I own / have owned over 30 electric guitars from both major guitar builders like Gibson, Gibson Custom Shop, Fender, Fender Custom Shop, Ibanez "Prestige" and boutique builders like Suhr, Melancon, etc.. My Wildwood Spec. Gibson CS-336 is one of the top two electric guitars I've ever owned. It's truly a wonderful instrument in every respect.
  2. So now it's November and it seems I've stopped looking at new guitar, amplifier, effect pedal, and accessory purchases. During 2014 and 2015 I completed a multiple decade shopping trip for everything electric guitar. Now that I've found the best of everything for me I guess I'll start unloading some of the "tried but didn't quite make the cut" models. I'll be 61 in January so this has been a long shopping trip by any scale. I really think at this point I'm done. My CS336 was my single most expensive purchase as well as the final nail in the shopping coffin. My only regret is that I didn't buy it when I came across it during the CS336's first year of production. The model I played then didn't have the looks of the one I now own but I gave up at least a dozen years of having one in my hands and I'll never get those years back. When I first played one I just automatically handed it back because of the price. I knew the CS336 was me. I knew it was everything I'd ever dreamed of in an electric guitar. It wasn't just "so cool" or "folks will envy me" or "somehow Gibson and I are on the identical wave length". The CS336 was me from the time I sat it on my leg, held the neck in my hand and began to play. It was the perfect electric guitar dream realized. So now I've traveled somewhat down the road with my dream axe and have only fallen more in love. I'll keep three acoustics, (a 6 string, 12 string and baritone), four electrics, (my Gibson CS336, Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster, Melancon Custom Telecaster and a Gibson 2002 Les Paul Studio that sounds like God's voice). I'm done. I couldn't be happier!
  3. I was on an early electric guitar forum many years back, (2003 / 2004), when a builder from Gibson posted a "must buy" thread for players interested in a Les Paul who wanted a Standard but could only afford a Studio. He told an interesting story that I confirmed through two other sources. During the 2002 model year something went wrong with a wood order at Gibson and the lower grade mahogany and maple used in the Studio version of the Les Paul failed to show up. Because the Studio was a major seller orders came down from the top to use the same grade of wood purchased for the Standard under any 2002 solid color Studio body and the remaining stock of Studio grade wood for the rest. Anyway ..... I started looking for 2002 Gibson Les Paul Studios. They weren't being resold. I couldn't find one anywhere. A number of years later, (maybe 2010 or 2011), I found a 2002 Les Paul Studio on ebay in solid black with gold hardware. I bought it for $750.00, (probably more than it's original purchase price), and waited. It arrived in almost "like new" condition. Other than some minor scratches on the pick guard, (which I replaced with a Gibson Les Paul Custom pick guard), and some minor checking on the gold hardware, it could have been new. A year later I swapped the 490R / 498T pickup set for a Suhr Doug Aldrich pickup set and never looked back.
  4. When the time came for me to move up from Teisco, Silvertone and Penncrest my first true quality guitar was a '71 / '72 Gibson SG Deluxe my father bought me brand new. Later, when I joined the Navy, my SG joined right along with me. From Base to base to base my SG and a Checkmate tube amp provided my roommates and I many hours of wonderful music. I was 18 playing "I'm Eighteen". These were good times I'll never forget.
  5. One of two. My Gibson Custom Shop CS336 or my Melancon Custom T, (basically a high end Les Paul disguised as a Telecaster).
  6. arlum


    As an actual honest to goodness hippy from the mid to late 60's ......... No comment. I like this place too much to have my *** hauled off. Been there. Done that. It didn't work. Nothing works. Consider the topic to be part of a list put together on an alien planet in a book released baring a cover of beautiful planet earth and the words "Lifeforms of Planet Earth". I'm sure mankind has a really big chapter.
  7. Truly a Beautiful Les Paul Custom. Love the finish. Love the whole look. The 490R/498T aren't my cup of tea so If it were mine I'd put the original pickups in storage to preserve resale value and drop in a set of pickups more to my own taste. While I agree it would look killer without the pick guard I'd leave it as it is. Owning an instrument at this price point without a pick guard would make me hold back from really letting go when playing. No way I'd be scratching that top.
  8. arlum


    An outstanding buy by any measure. Congratulations!
  9. For use with semi -hollow electrics I prefer amps designed around 6L6GC output tubes and utilizing a tube rectifier. I also like the sound of these guitars coming out of combos / cabs with two or more speakers rather than one. Just personal preference.
  10. Well of course. Who wants cake without icing.
  11. Sure. Right after he's watched everything shark week brought to the tube.
  12. I sold an SG Deluxe with a Bigsby vibrato in Walnut stain that I'd purchased new in December of '71. I'd love to be able to still count that one among my herd. The half moon black white black plate behind the control knobs took a little getting used to but the Les Paul "off the body" pick guard and crown inlays on the neck just spoke "class". It may have had the fastest neck of any Gibson I've ever owned. I saw Frank Zappa playing what looked like the same model around 1974. Oh well. My mistake.
  13. They released an album under the band name BBM that sounds like Cream with more advanced, (because of the time period), production. The opening track, "Waiting in the Wings" would have shared the same tier with "White Room" and "Sunshine of Your Love". Gary really shows his guitar skills.
  14. Guess I'll be buying those custom shop and limited series Gibsons that slip through before the guy in charge of gizmo tuning solutions gets his wicked hands on them. It's gotten to the point where when there's a series of pictures attached to a Gibson guitar for sale online the first picture I select is the back of the headstock. Doesn't Gibson realize how polarizing these contraptions are? Why not make half of each new model with and half of each new model without? Whichever version sells out first could then be the future standard issue with the other being offered as an option.
  15. My prayers for all those lost near and dear to our members.
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