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  1. It is quite the guitar for a non-acoustic player..lol. I like the bling myself. I don't think it is over done on the Elite Custom like some of the other's I have seen. I think 2012 was the last time Gibson made the Elite Custom. May 2012 is when they stopped using Ebony. They might be still using it in Custom Shop guitars such as Historic models. The fretboard and bridge is Ebony on this. I also read it uses Abalone instead of pearl. Upgraded wood grades, back painted headstock. Sort of a fancier version of the SJ-300. Anyways, I found an ebay listing from January 2014 and that guitar sold for $3650. You can see it here. J-200 Custom Elite
  2. That is a nice guitar you have, and thanks for the info.
  3. Hi everyone, Hoping someone can help me out. I recently come across a 2012 Gibson SJ-200 Elite Custom with original case, paper work, Gibson strap. The only thing missing was the little booklet for the Fishman Aura Ellipse. I ended up buying it what I thought was a pretty good deal after doing some research. I couldn't find any used prices on these, but I know they were priced the same as a True Vintage from what I read, $5000. Gibson no longer makes this model. The guitar itself is very clean, pretty much like new. I did spot a small indentation/ding behind the headstock that can only be see at the right angle with some lighting. At first I thought it come out of the factory like that as the dent looks sort of clean, with no paint broken around the edges. I now think something lightly taped it in that area. Other than that I couldn't find anything, no scratches or any other marks. I am not much of an acoustic guy. I did think about picking one up a few times. Anyone have an idea what the Elite Custom would be worth on the market ?. Here are a few pictures of it.
  4. Here is my 2007 Les Paul Classic Antique. GOTW production number 23, 8.0 LBS. I found it locally for $1400 so I bought it. Not a big fan of red guitars but it sounds and plays great !.
  5. I joined the faded club. Here is my Faded Standard HoneyBurst.
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