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  1. Hi George, Yeah it's a beautiful guitar. The first Vintage Guitar magazine I picked up had a sunburst one. I had always wanted one after that. Years ago someone had one for sale and I bought it. It was rewired incorrectly at one point (and the inductor ended up missing). Thanks again for all your help. You really went out of your way and I (and Ron) do appreciate that effort. And the nice thing is with your help we have repaired a beautiful rare guitar back to it's glory. Walter
  2. Hi all, I haven't been out here in awhile but I wanted to let everyone know I got my 1974 Less Paul Signature back from Ron Pace Guitar shop. It took Ron 10 months and me buying a vintage inductor but the guitar now appears to be functioning correctly. Time will tell if any problems show up but so far I have played it and no issues. First, I would like to thank member grog for all his help. He went out of his way to take internal pictures of his guitar so Ron Pace could figure out the wiring. Even then it took a couple of extra months to sort it out. Ron told me if there was any guitar he wanted to leave his shop, mine was it. Second, the sound of this guitar is surprising. It's mellow, yet some settings gets a real bite. I really like the flexibility in tone. Third, attached is a picture of the guitar. Walter
  3. Thanks for the information George. I sent an email request to them to see if something is available. Walter
  4. Hello everyone, I have a request from Ron Pace. He wanted to know if someone could take picture of their LP Signature wiring. Using either a mirror or snake camera. Or if someone in the Houston area has a LP Signature I happen to have a snake camera and could take the pictures myself. Thanks, Walter
  5. Hi George, Thanks for the information. I chatted with Ron. He found a replacement for the rotary phase pot. He is still working through the wiring but feels he can figure it out. I will post again when the work gets completed. Walter
  6. Hi George and everyone. I put my Les Paul Signature into Ron Pace Guitar Repair in Houston. I gave Ron a copy of the schematic and he is working hard to get the wiring corrected but is having difficulties. He discovered the guitar had been rewired as I suspected. One thing he noticed was there was no stereo jack, both were standard. There was a broken cap also. Has anyone that owns one of these ever went through the wiring or taken pictures of the wiring with a camera? Ron said the wiring is tricky and he was wondering if anyone has done this before to help point him in the correct direction. Thanks, Walter
  7. Hi George, Your measurements definitely point to something odd in the wiring of my guitar. I took measurements with a 15' Hosa balanced low impedance cable. I only get readings across pins 1 and 2, not 2 and 3 as yours is. My readings are 13.9 ohms and I get the same reading no matter what the level settings are at. Another thing odd is using the same balanced cable through my Behringer mixing board seems to work (I get volume). Not sure if I will tackle this further or bring it to an authorized repair person to have it looked at. I am retired so I obviously have the time just not sure if I won't the frustration. Your ideas to fish things back through make sense though and I have watched several videos of how to put things back in so I may give it a try. Thanks for you help, Walter
  8. Hi George, Great suggestions. I will try those out. Walter
  9. Hi George, I also noticed that the schematic gives the impression the transformer is incorporated into selector. There are variable transformers available so it's possible Gibson did that. As I expected your measurements indicate the extra windings needed to match high impedance added extra resistance, so something is definitely not right. I have wondered if the guitar electronics had been modified. But I admit I am leary of taking everything out. Mainly because of friend of mine warned me about taking the electronics out of a 1960's Silvertone/Harmony guitar and the nightmare getting it all back in through the f holes. If I go that far I will probably hire someone to take care of it. By the way. Saw the pictures of your low impedance collection. Very nice. Thanks for taking time to get the resistance values. That helps a lot. Walter
  10. Hello everyone, Bence pointed me to this thread and was wondering if someone could help me out. I have a 1974 Les Paul Signature guitar and I would like to play it more. One thing I noticed is when I plug into the high impedance jack I have to run through a preamp to get any volume. I read the same resistance on the high impedance jack as the low impedance jack (~25 ohms). So it makes me think the high impedance transformer is either bad or missing in the guitar. Looking in the cavity I can't see a transformer but that might be because the mirror is clunky and I can't move around much in the f hole. Has anyone read the resistance on the high impedance jack? I would expect the extra windings to read higher than the low impedance jack. Reading through the thread, I see I could get something like the Shure A95U or A85F transformer and just use the low impedance jack. I will probably do that, but would like to confirm what is wrong with the high impedance jack if at all possible. Just to make sure I understand the wiring, the low impedance is a balanced connection? Correct? Thanks for any help, Walter
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