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  1. Yeah, I believe it is actually Sitka.I didn't see this on reverb before I bought it. He had it posted on the local craigslist. I don't think it mentioned Adi on that but I could be wrong.
  2. Yes, that's her. She's already home, I live in Atlanta too so I just met up with the seller to try it out first. No waiting involved. I'll try to get some of my own pics later today.
  3. Well today, I picked up one of the 32 in mahogany! It is a great sounding instrument. I love the neck. I suspect mine actually has the Paddle-Cut joint but I'm not yet certain. Once I give it a string change I will better tell that. Thanks for the info!
  4. Any thoughts on these guitars. I often see 50's, 60's and 70's and/or 2001-Present Gibson SJ's and J-45's for sale. Rarely anything in between. Why is that? I'm kinda looking at a 1991 Southern Jumbo. But I can find very little info on these years. It is apparently part of a series done by Ren Ferguson. 1943 Reissue. However, it seems they've done this reissue a few times more recently as well.
  5. Here's a very informal comparison between the CW and the VJ as well as my Larrivee D-02. I tried to put the mic and camera fairly close in order to take the room out of the equation as much as I could. Watch if you'd like. Thoughts always welcome. https://youtu.be/P8dFeIJqpIY
  6. It may indeed be blasphemy but it's also probably correct. Think I will probably let some one else care for this CW. I do enjoy it's warm, sweet tone, but yeah having to let go of my SCGC is a move I'll possibly end up regretting.
  7. I've been looking at and playing each chance I get a 1965 Country Western. The asking price is 2199. However, my curiosity of it's worth is due to some structural issues. I've looked at others of this year and they seem to run around 3k. Here's a few pics and maybe you guys can steer me clear of disaster (if there is any) or the alternative, make my wallet a little slimmer. Actually, I'd be trading/selling a Santa Cruz VJ in order to get this if I do. Thanks! Here's the pics. P.S. From what I can tell the braces are all glued properly.
  8. That was my thought a well. I was quite suprised he agreed it looks twisted too. He made it better. But, here and now it's back to looking the same, and now buzzing on low E frets 7 and 9. However, fret 8 is clear is a bell. Guess it's sadly going back. I really wanted this guitar. And I may try another at full price from somewhere else.
  9. Well, went back to GC this morning and let the tech there look at it. He agreed there is some "twist" in the neck or that for some reason the treble side of the neck is much less responsive to truss adjustment than the bass side. I didn't return it yet as he did a few things and said give it a day or so to see if it still bothers me. We shall see I suppose.
  10. I did but I'm not certain if I'm looking at it correctly. I do better with necks that have a binding. Anyway, Here are some photos until I can get it in the hands of a luthier.
  11. Hey guys! Well, Here's the deal: GC is running the IB'64 Texans on Clearance (in the stores only I suppose, since online they show full price). I bought one this weekend but, it had a dead fret (High E at fret 12) but only when played with a pick, it sounded fine with my fingers. I returned it for the only other one they had in stock. No dead frets on this one, No buzzing, Sounds good to me but....i'm wondering if the neck is twisted somewhat. Here's why: I'm measuring about .011-.012 on the low E at the 7th fret relief (capo'd at fret 1 held with finger at fret 14) which seems about right.
  12. In deed I did. Getting to hear this one in different types of room is really showing how good it sounds. It's really a bit difficult to judge in a store with 30 guitars hanging on the wall of a room with solid wood floor, walls and ceiling.
  13. Played mine for hours last night. And a bit this morning. I'm trying to upload pics but, it keeps telling me they're too large. I can't seem to resize them correctly from my phone.
  14. Picked her up today at lunch! She's sitting here by me at work!
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