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  1. Black Widow is probably the sexiest one http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/23125-gibson-les-paul-custom-limited-r7-blackwidow-25/
  2. It seems like Gibson is desperately trying to make something new and great. I didn't look at the specs, but it looks terrible.
  3. Notes: Billie has a huge collection of guitars, with the majority being Gibson. See Aug 09 Guitar World for pic. - Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong signature Les Paul Junior: - Fernandes Stratocaster (Blue) - Fender Stratocaster - Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop - Gibson ES-135 - Gibson ES-335 - Gibson Les Paul Special 59' - Gibson Standard SG - Gibson Les Paul Junior TV 59' - Fender Telecaster 68' - Fender JazzMaster - Fender Telecaster Custom Shop - Gibson Les Paul Custom (black) - Gretsch Chet Akins - 195
  4. No matter what you do, make sure it's possible for Mac and iPhone users to read it.
  5. I can't see it because of the iPhone...
  6. What about a guitar that's covered by solarpanels? Who wants one?
  7. This is not going to end well. Keep fighting Homz. And by the way, why must it be named troll? It's one of Norways most sacred thing (except from tourists from Germany)
  8. Yeah, it got splitted in half. I think there's a picture of it at Mansons site.
  9. So, what do you guys think about it? Since I'm using an iPod Touch, I'm not able to post a link, but I'm sure somebody else will. You can find it at www.mansons.co.uk under signature guitars.
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