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  1. I think Michael Schenket (sic) would be more likely to say "JA".
  2. Logic Pro X. Purely because I've been using Logic ever since Version 2 (1995) and I really, really cannot be bothered to learn another DAW when I use a Mac and Logic does what I need.
  3. Unless you have it done professionally, no DIY sound treatment will ever be truly 'soundproof'. All you can do is try and mitigate external sound as best you can. As the world's worst singer, I am paranoid about my neighbors hearing me caterwauling, so for recording vocals (It's amazing the amount of fixing you can do in Celemony Melodyne) I had both problems - I didn't want exterior sound coming in, but neither did I want my racket escaping. I have tried a bunch of solutions over the years and, in my experience, recording in a cupboard or building a DIY 'booth' produced 'boxy' sounding recordings. After a LOT of trial and error, I found that the best results came from using a room around 9 feet square and hanging as many layers of lightwight bedspreads, lightweight duvets and other materials as possible around the room as I could - the air between the layers of course acting as a noise insulator as well. I cover the floor in a load of cheap rugs and cover any other hard, reflective surface in the room with something soft and sound absorbent. The ceiling is fine as it is, because it adds a very, very slight response to the sound which I find quite pleasing. Finally, I record in the center of the room using a condenser mic with an SE Electronics Reflexions filter to a laptop with a solid state hard drive, meaning the computer is pretty much silent as well. For me at least, the result has been high quality recordings which have just the tiniest amount of 'space' in them, so that they don't sound boxy or completely lifeless, and are perfect for post-processing. And, as a bonus, the neighbors don't hear a word. Once you're done recording, it can all be folded up and put away until next time. (Disclaimer: If you decide to try anything that I've written above, it is entirely at your own risk!)
  4. After seven months keen anticipation, my pre-ordered 2018 Explorer finally arrived at my local (UK) music shop a couple of weeks ago. And I love it. Well worrth trading in a Strat, a kidney and someone else's grandmother for.
  5. Who watches too much porn, has 'no luck with girls' and bad body odo(u)r
  6. Ach, forget all that books and notation nonsense. Three simple steps to Explorer-playing heaven: 1. Distortion pedal. 2. Power chords. 3. Let rip. That approach has served me pretty well for over 30 years
  7. If you're a fan of Accept, you should have hunted around for... They did indeed - the 2015 Vs were a limited edition 70s reproduction with the smaller headstock. I had been waiting YEARS for Gibson to produce a Flying V with the smaller headstock, which I have always thought looks far better than the long one. I missed the Rudolph Schenker limited edition in 2013, but then these beauties came out in 2015. So I sold a Strat, a kidney and my grandmother for the white one. It truly is a wonderful guitar in looks, sound and feel. I've since sold my sister and my girlfriend and am currently impatiently waiting for a 2018 Explorer with my name on it to reach UK shores :) Where was the 'insane deal', out of interest Wmachine?
  8. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but personally I hate it. The binding, lack of scratchplate and long headstock all put me off.
  9. Although Gibson USA states no Flying Vs in the 2015 range, this isn't strictly true. Here in the UK we have been treated to a quartet of drop-dead gorgeous Gibson USA models, which are at last reissues of the classic 1970s-style V - complete with the short headstock, Grover machineheads and covered pickups. Apparently these were initially produced for the Japanese market, but some have made their way to dealers here in Blighty. As soon as I saw them I hust had to own one. So I sold my 2005 V, a couple of other guitars, my grandmother and a kidney to buy a white one. I am a very, very happy V lover. At last I have in my hands the guitar I always wanted to own!
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