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  1. My MacBook works find for hundreds of sites - zero issues with my MacBook. In fact, at one time there was zero issues with me logging into this forum. I have to change my password EVERY time I login - and that's a serious hassle - so it might be a while before I come back.
  2. I've stopped frequenting the Gibson forum due to a weird issue that requires me to reset my forum password each and every time I log in. I'm using Safari on a 2015 MacBook Pro. Who can I contact about this issue?
  3. Does Gibson make flatwound bass guitar strings?  If so, where could I purchase these?


  4. I still have to go through the process of resetting my password every time I login to this forum. I don't know who the moderators are.
  5. So, every time I desire to login I MUST reset my password. I don't know what is wrong - but before the forum changed this was never an issue. I'm using a MacBook Pro running macOS and using Safari as the browser. There is nothing obscure with my system - it's as mainstream as it can possibly be. As for the theory that my password is either too long or not using a correct set of characters (special characters): I've tried shortening my password to 16 chargers and limited use of special characters. I know that some passwords call for using a very limited subset of special characters (probably to mitigate SQL injection - i.e. for security reasons). Yeah, so am I the only person afflicted with this issue?
  6. The New forum looks amazing. Got a question: it seems that I have to reset my password every time I log in. I'm guessing this might have something to do with my passwords being over 20 characters long. So, my question is this: what is the maximum password length of this forum?
  7. There you go, man! Back into positive territory! Peace!

  8. What did I do wrong? During the past 4 years I've spent roughly $10,000 on Gibson guitars. I think I posted pictures of every Gibson I bought - I was making sure what I was buying an authentic Gibson. (they were all used guitars). So, yeah, anyway, about the -2 reputation: Did I offend people or something? I can't imagine what that would have been. =/
  9. I've had a proposal to re-fret this guitar and keep the nibs without rebinding (cut the frets just right to fit between existing nibs) - but, I didn't feel this would be a good idea. I felt it's more of an accident waiting to happen and not worth the risk. Replacing the binding along with the frets is probably the method I'd go for - if I *really* want to keep the little nibs.
  10. My Les Paul is annoying to play because the frets are worn. That guitar really could use new frets - but then I'll lose those nibs. As silly as it sounds I feel the nibs serve as an indicator of authenticity.
  11. Saw that video a few years ago - probably why I thought only plastic inlays were used.
  12. Might as well make it a 24 fret Gibson Les Paul with a Floyd Rose tremolo. I know the Epiphone Prophecy has 24 frets and a few other modern features - not sure if it also comes with a tremolo.
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