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  1. Hi, This guitar is 2015 made,with ebony board,not rosewood,effectively . This is good too, especially for the forest :)
  2. Double, thank's to delete this post, I can't find how to do .. many thanks, C.
  3. Yes it's true . . really a very nice -and fragrant, it's one of the first things that are noticed- wood :)
  4. ... with new Thomastik-Infeld Flat Wound 0.12 , CR9 Yes, yes, It's very good strings, I like this for many decades. Elixir is just different, perhaps better when pure acoustic played (for me .. ;) ) ( see > "My String Choice" )
  5. Cheers, For the fun,a few pictures of my L-5 :) Have a nice day, C.
  6. Cheers, For the fun,a few pictures of my L-5 :) Have a nice day, C.
  7. Since 2/3 years I play electric strings "Elixir" 0.12 with Archtops high grade (L-5ces and others), for es335 Custom too. But Elixir 0.11 on es175 for home working. No noise slipped, comfortable for nice sound and long life strings. I like this. More than flatwounds. Others players even choice have me do? See you, C.
  8. Hi, If for your playing pickguard is unnecessary, so removed this ;) + : Archtop's make even more beautiful. Maybe avoid trouble . . :) C.
  9. Hi, I don't know enough the older generation, but I have the new L-5ces NA Custom Crimson. This guitar is simply madness, totally amazing. Sound,sound,sound. And of course, very beautiful Hand Crafted. Simply superlative. The guitar of my life! C.
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