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  1. On 6/7/2021 at 3:11 PM, Boyd said:

    I worked for a major opera company for 18 years (in charge of the technical areas) and can assure you that the singers drank huge amounts of water. One of the assistant stage managers' jobs was always keeping a large supply of bottled water available for them during rehearsals and performances. These singers have to compete with a full orchestra and fill a 3000 seat theatre with their voice without amplification. I don't know... perhaps that makes it different?

    And you don't see the irony here when ill-informed professional performers load up on huge amounts of water despite their bodies not being dehydrated and drinking them ad nauseam unable to combat a dry throat? Makes me crack up each time I see it.

  2. There are no swap-out parts for this. Gibson's experiment to use plastic bridges on some of their acoustic guitars failed anyway and quickly came to an end. It resulted in warped and unseated plastic bridges, poor coupling, and hence poor tone.

    The best course of action is to make a new custom bridge, perhaps slightly oversized, out of dark rosewood to match the Brazilian fretboard, to strip the lacquer underneath (for plastic bridges were only screwed on), properly glue it surface-to-surface, and route a saddle slot. This way the vintage look (on this entry-level guitar) is kept in tact while improving upon tone and volume.

    It is probably not ill advice to swap out the bridge plate as well (you're too deep in it anyway at this point).


  3. I have yet to see that limited model in person. With its autumn burst finish, this anniversary model bears some resemblance to the J-45 Deluxe. But the Lutz spruce top and quilted mahogany back and sides certainly make it worth having in my books. The custom headstock anniverary logo and gold Grover open tuners are also worth noting.


  4. Summer is almost upon us. It's getting hot and dry out there, and so is your throat when inhaling between phrases during singing. Though counterintuitive, avoid drinking any water, tea, or alcoholic beverages.

    Here are the top three things to really help you out (in this order):

    1. Pineapple juice (one glass alone carries you through a whole set)

    2. Strawberry juice

    3. Honey (raw, not mixed in tea or something)


  5. Any kind of repair work impacts the resale value if it's badly done or otherwise bothersome or noticable to the buyer. What kind of strong woodworking glue is used (be it hide glue, fish glue, or aliphatic resin glue like Titebond) is almost irrelevant as long as the glue-up job is done professionally and right.

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  6. A new guitar tab and something a little different:

    The Wind East and West (2007 version)

    This song first debuted in 2006 in Abu Dhabi on national television in a much different form, with Arabic-English verses and a much more complex song structure including a chorus section. But perhaps the most famous reincarnation of the song is a medley with “The Wind” as opener for Yusuf’s Cafe Session concert in 2007, with a hauntingly beautiful vocal performance by Yusuf. The song is also meant as direct follow-up to “The Wind,” and to be understood in its most symbolic reading, with the wind meaning spirit or Holy Spirit. It also tells the rare story of the artist having seen both worlds, the East and the West. Since chord changes happen on the upbeat, timing your vocals to your guitar playing can be difficult.


  7. 4 hours ago, lhnewman said:

    I'm comfortable with my two guitars...D-35 Martin and D-55 Guild...both dreads....do you think transitioning to the SJ-200 would be ok? thanks Leonard

    Sure thing; size-wise you're already big ways in the big guitar category with those two. Sound-wise is a whole different horse, though, given that Gibson guitars are heavily mid-ranged focused unlike Martin.

  8. Whether you can handle bigger guitars really depends on your overall build, arm length, and, to an extend, technique (mostly arm and hand posture). I would argue that if you can handle a J-45, you should be good with a J-200 as well. I much prefer more compact jumbo guitars like the J-185/180, but I would never kick a J-200 off the bed's edge, either.

  9. It's as difficult as always for any retailer outside the US to get ahold of Gibson re: availability (they are extremely busy), but we'll get there eventually. I'd love to have at least one guitar more permanently tuned to Open E.

  10. A new guitar tab:

    Moonstone (1967)

    The classical influences in this almost Middle Eastern fiction, which is similar to the tale of Aladdin’s lamp, are felt the clearest in the intro. Cat was having fun with lyrics and storylines at the time. That he lived right around the corner of the British Museum certainly had some influence here. The song is very upbeat and has the prescribed Decca Big Band sound new for the time, but Cat’s composition and, to an extend, the song structure are actually more complex beneath the surface. The key change in the second chorus heightens suspense, and the song ends on a drawn-out outro. We have tried to adapt the song to a playing style on guitar that would mirror Cat’s in theory.


  11. On 5/13/2021 at 1:43 PM, j45nick said:

    Well, I'd call it an LG-3, but that's just me.

    It looks like a really good guitar.

    Because lefty versions are pretty rare, you could be waiting for a long time to find another in sunburst.


    You're probably right. It's just that Gibson's vintage sunburst is insanely good-looking on those slope-shoulder models. I've inquired with the dealer who in turn gets in touch with Gibson how long the waiting time would turn out to be. I would probably not be unhappy with antique natural either (I do prefer J-200s in that color).

  12. Thinking about picking one up. A blonde one (antique natural finish) is available here but I'm really unsure about the color. The top looks superb, very evenly grained. Vintage sunburst is a much safer bet since I am into that color scheme, but I'm not sure I can get one here (as a lefty) in the foreseeable future.



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