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  1. HI!! I just joined the Steinberger section (I was already member in the Gibson forum) as I have purchased a Steinberger Guitars GT-Pro Deluxe BK (from Thomann if you are in the EU). Mainly to have it as traveling guitar.. When I got the GT-Pro the action was very high. I did a check and few frets were a bit high and needed to be hammered down (with a proper fret hammer). After checking with a "fret rocker" there were some spots of high frets but very little. I could have let it be, then I just did a light fret leveling and crowning as many new guitars needs anyway. After that treatment the fretboard is now perfect. I do luthier works part time as second activity...... My setup is as follows: - Neck relief: .010"(.2mm) Action at 15/17th fret to all string is around 4/64"(1,58mm) this seems the lowest one can go as one reaches almost the end of travel of the bridge saddles. In my other guitars (Ibanez JEM/RGs) my action is typical, with a .2-.3mm of neck relief, 1.6mm string height on the low E, and 1.5mm on the high E at the last fret (24th). Pickup height: Neck & Bridge pickups: both set at Low-E 2.5mm and high-e 2,0mm for the moment. Mid single coil pickup lowered all the way down as I never use them also in my Ibanez or Strats. I may even remove it later on, mid pickups only disturb the sustain with added unwanted magnetic field. Nice to hear others setups...
  2. Yes probably they do not even know or the EU support does not bother to ask in the USA. Laminated or not it does not really matter to me, the guitar sounds very good.However, such details are always nice to know and it is sad Gibson does not have a proper Q&A in place. Very easy to have such info from production line linked to serial numbers of the units produced.
  3. By the way I just got an answer from Gibson customer support (serial is 811447) ----------------------- Reply from Gibson support ---------------------- Yes, this guitar should have rosewood fingerboard. Best regards, Marcelo Customer Service Europe Gibson Brands, Inc. 00800-44427661 service.europe@gibson.com www.gibson.com
  4. Hi, I have a 2011 Les Paul CS 1958 and someone told me that Les Pauls (even CS and Gibson other models) produced around 2011 period may not have a true rosewood fretboard due to the CITES issues around that period before and after 2011. Thus GIbson used laminated fretboards and the only way to see it is to remove the nut... It looks like also Gibson support is not really able to answer on this one as they do not know or cannot tell from the serial numbers... Anyone on this matter? I am sure the fretboard on my R8 is rosewood but I sent an email to GIbson support with the serial from LP just for curiosity...
  5. gdx65

    SG Standard 2008

    Thank you Pesh for the comment. I have added some photos....
  6. HI!! new here....first topic... Just purchased a Gibson SG Standard 2008 Black. Paid 6500nok that is about 730USD. Purchased via a specialized online public site. She looks in very good conditions, no neck issues, regular usage markings, she plays nice. I still did not open the electrics and the pickups to check they are original... From the serial she was built March 6th 2008 production number 10 Do you think it was good deal? that was the average price here in Norway +`- 100USD, managed to go down about 56USD. Thanks! G.
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