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  1. you can write to Gibson they give answers they are very cool
  2. https://www.youtube....h?v=kSeyN87DSRY regeand lachance worked with Johnny Hallyday and Lara Fabian good lp player
  3. https://www.long-mcquade.com/16869/Guitars/Electric/Epiphone/LP_Custom_Pro_-_Ebony_with_Gold_Hardware.htm for low cost
  4. as you can see in the video, the lp sounds better but the price is harder the scale is different too
  5. the thread is about Gibson guitars: guys who can talk about guitars, music, with experience so -1 and many :) thanks :) my thread was about Gibson lp studio floyd rose i want the Axcess but i think it will be a dream cos the price is too high the used model (not this year) and with the floyd rose system : it s made for people who know how to use it i say that because it's the same than the locking tuners : there is a method bad using can damage the guitar some people sell guitars but they have fake experience they write very well but they don't know how to install strings or how to use correcty a floyd rose system i noticed that with the years so i would prefer a brand new but the price is really too hot hey Gibson , can you do an Axcess with a little price ? les français sont aussi cons que les anglophones : maintenant, on le sait
  6. the problem with roch voisine is he began as a soft rock -pop- slow songs but after that song that why my thread was here for he dit not really play rock just slow songs, balads but with a beautiful voice he talks in english too but as you can see in my first link it was to show the different tones between a lp custom (black color) and the strat custom the lp had a loud and warm tone : it was very good but because of the price i can't buy it so i have this in other way but it must not be the good place to talk about guitars here have a good day like the man musicians ' friend say : very cool man this is the kind of man we would like to see here but he is has some better things to do and he has nothing to do here: i really can understand this ! l
  7. for those who are here to talk about music and not mega something or cu...or other stupid nicknames the original thread was this i must admit i have not read the answers cos it was not interesting at all but for the first time they were some answers but nothing about music except 2 https://www.youtube....h?v=kSeyN87DSRY you may not know this beautiful old slow song which was a big success for Roch this version gave us a good duet with LP custom /strat in two harmonized guitars in a slow song without all the shred you find everyday :) have a good day peace and love i hope the Gibson guitars are not as bad as the users :)here bye thanks to the first answer :)sorry no time for the others maybe in 2070
  8. cody78 likes to be seen as a sweet man so i answered to him like he talked to me : the same way so he must not come here to say " hey guys he talked me bad" typical school attitude from teenagers i think there were adults mistake i tried to contact the moderators but there are on holidays i suppose i will try later but i really don't care : people are unable to talk about music, guitares, it's all what we see they prefer some attacks insults saying "hey it's a troll " or hey "trap" because of jealousy when you ask a question: nobody answers cos it seems nobody has any experience any guitares or knowledges so they prefer to say "hey you are like that " or "hey > troll" or "hey you ask the same question" and ? and ? and? Americans : you give a very bad image of your country that's all that i can say but i don't put the blame on you professionals don't spend their time in the groups they prefer to play : that's what i do
  9. yeah very good thread it was like a synth -guitar revolutionary process i don't know if it's on the record but as a big fan i can just appreciate that good job man ! peace and love and rock n roll
  10. oui, il vaut mieux acheter une Vraie Gibson ou EPiphone il y a même des EPiphone très cher c'est dingue plus de 2000e pour une elitist
  11. hello

    are you moderator? there are some problems about some people


    you must do your job

  12. hello

    are you moderator? there are some problems about some people


    you must do your job

  13. thanks guys not all the guys are bad here
  14. everybody will have his opinion about what he said in my thread he came just to be bad [thumbdn] [thumbdn] [thumbdn] a shame i hope he will be banned soon see the truth http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/140818-fender-strat-vs-lp-custom-the-duet/page__p__1903599__fromsearch__1#entry1903599 but no moderators here so i do myself
  15. i just said that my sg had different pickups and a 498t with alnico 5 for the bridge position nowadays, the sg have alnico 2 (so we can imagine that they have less brightness and less power for the classic 57+ vs 498t) that's why i wondered if it was enough for the price which is not low to buy the new models
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