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  1. I could never use a thin pick. Tried it and just does not work for me. I hit strings pretty hard and don’t have much finesse in my playing style. I’m working on it though.
  2. They were going to just throw them away? Crazy.
  3. I have a Silverface Deluxe Reverb, I think it’s from the late 60s, all original. My grandfather bought it new, then my dad got it when he died and I got it from my dad when he passed away. It’s a great amp that hasn’t actually been played much, at least in the 30 years I’ve known about it. I’ve always wanted a Twin. Nothing sounds better than a cranked Twin Reverb IMO.
  4. I buy Dunlop 1.0s, but I’ll play with whatever is laying around.
  5. I’ve never gotten wanting to own an exact replica of someone else’s guitar either. I mean, I think Steve Jones’ 1974 white LPC is the coolest looking guitar there ever was or will be, and I own a white LPC because of him, but I don’t want my guitar to be a copy of his. I want my guitar to be my guitar. But do many people try to replicate his down to the stickers, aged finish, no pickup covers, no pickguard etc etc etc.
  6. I’ve seen them “fix” old valuable guitars that had damage and they “age” the repairs to match the rest of the guitar. Personally I’d rather a repair be left alone, it adds to a guitars character and uniqueness IMO. It also prevents anyone from trying to pass it off as “all original” down the line. My 95 Classic is beat to hell and I did about 95% of it (my dad did the other 5) by playing it. Im proud of that. I wore a tiny sliver of the finish off where my arm rests and I played the dog crap out of that guitar for over 15 years. I would never buy a “”reliced” guitar.
  7. The guys who really know what they’re doing will fool anyone. I read a book about the original burst 58-60 LP a while back and in the book one of the experts says even he can never be 100% sure the guitars are authentic because of relicing and expert guitar makers who can replicate any detail on an old guitar. And of course people can do what they want but it doesn’t make it any less fake or ridiculous. Especially the homemade “relic” jobs on Craigslist or Ebay. There’s a Fender Highway 1 Strat I was looking at on Reverb that was marked down because someone had “reliced” it. It looked
  8. I’ve always though Mosrites looked lame. Before Johnny Ramone they were dirt cheap from what I’ve read, I think he bought his first one for $50 bucks and one of the reasons he stuck with it was because no one else played them. Now original “vintage” Mosrites go for thousands and I’ve read they aren’t particularly well made guitars.
  9. Nah, it’s just my fans doing what they do. I don’t downvote anything, it’s silly and childish. If I don’t like what someone says I just tell them.
  10. Sure thing. And sometimes people follow other people around because they “like messing with them”, like you for instance. I mean Farns up there was just talking about PMs you knuckleheads have about me so a little late for denial now. Be sure to report all this to him, so he can “expose” me lol. I love how he says he’s “documenting” everything I say so he can “expose” me but you’re acting like me laughing at you lunatics is crazy.
  11. Why would the guy only posting a pic of the headstock make you think it’s fake? He’s asking if it’s fake not trying to sell it. Why is your “fail safe” “it’s fake”? If I don’t know if a guitar is fake or real my “fail Safe” is “I don’t know”. Like I said, from the pic I didn’t see anything one way or the other that determined fake or not but after doing some quick research nothing stood out as obviously fake about it to me.
  12. And hey look, my posts have been downvoted Lol. I wonder who could it be?
  13. It gets pretty dry in the winter in Indiana and I’ve never had a single humidity related problem to any of my guitars. I think a lot of the “problems” guys like you have are just being too OCD about your guitars. They’re tools. They get bumped, they get scratched, paint might crack. Who cares? Some people pay big money for their guitars to look like that.
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