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  1. Merry Christmas Digger and everyone else on board. Well I managed to make it despite my health problems but it was touch & go having spent the last nearly a week or so in hospital then some days having & recovering from radiotherapy. Turkey dinner with all the trimmings here I come. mmmmmmm yummy.
  2. I'm not normally appreciative of any kind of photography but those pictures are excellent.
  3. Here Comes The Summer - The Undertones
  4. Yes I was surprised that it didn't get more of a mention given his somewhat revered status. Being generous (or more likely clutching at straws) I hoped that people who were going to mention it remembered the Casino connection, went off to Epiphone's board and promptly forgot. Yes, straws methinks. As an aside, the 8th December 1972 is the 45 anniversary of me going to see Led Zeppelin in Manchester. They were ok I expect.
  5. We've been through this a few times over the years and its never easy. I cried buckets when my cat Penny died leaving her grown up boys Tuppence and Threepence. It's kinder to let them go if there is any danger of them suffering. 18 is a good innings, as they say.
  6. I'm old, not especially well. I could sleep on a clothes line, and frequently do.
  7. I just log in to view, no big deal for me.
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