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  1. Good night Luis Serrano, I changed my parent (Cmd Studio 2a - Behringer) by another equal and my windows is now 10, now it does not turn on the blue lights and not green (play / pause button), what happened? Do I need to register again?
  2. Good morning, Luis, I have problem in audio setup, I have five days we did not use Deckadance and when I started today gave this error, and appeared "HD audio" andnot can acessarn the headset! Follow the images...
  3. Luis please the for you to send me the Deckadance configuration with redfone and the controller.
  4. I'm not getting properly set up my studio cmd 2a in the notebook as an external / internal mix, always leak sound on my headset. Help me please !!!
  5. Cuando se le pasa 10 minutos de uso, es como si quisiera dar vuelta de demostración una vez más, se bloquea al cargar música (cuando el bpm exploración), tiene alguna opción que escanee las canciones así directorios abiertos (carpetas mp3)? Le doy las gracias por las respuestas siempre ciertos que se pasa en, Obrigadão!
  6. Sometimes my Deckadance 2:51 is catching someone tell me if you have any "bug" (crash or problem) in the program? I thank Qume help me ok!
  7. As vezes meu deckadance 2.51 está travando, alguém sabe me dizer se tem alguma "bug" (pane ou problema) no programa ? desde já agradeço qume me ajudar ok !
  8. Thank Luis Serrano, it worked.

    Luis, I ask one more help from you, have a plug and play driver with Virtual Dj, where q is controlling my ma Behringer Cmd Studio 2A?

    Because my vtdj 8 does not recognize it, no mapping !!!

    I thank you for your help ...

  9. How to register Deckadance since I have the serial number that came with my Behringer studio cmd second, I want to register for free already the seller gave me this. Please help me !!!
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