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  1. Hey Wiggy, the outlet is fine as I have other amps that I use off the same duplex with no issuses. Those pics are from my Samsung phone at4128x2322 with aspect ratio of 16:9. I think photobucket is compressing big time but I will try it on my dlsr camera tomorrow. Thank you
  2. switched the rectifier tube and mains fuse, no luck. Of course I stripped the dang mains screw thinking maybe it needed an extra turn. Now that's stuck too and is going to need to be replaced... sigh I guess Ill try the switch next
  3. Thanks Andy. I checked the mains fuse with multimeter and it tests fine. Switched rectifier valve too, no go. I have been using standby but I have now been told here and elsewhere not to unless it is diode rectified.
  4. I have an AJ 500r and the Ukulele; both of which are wonderful instruments! I had a DR 500ra at one point but I just didn't bond with it. I also have a few Martins and my Masterbilt is not embarrased sonically by them. These are very tough to beat and I'm glad I was able to get a few while they were around! At that price find a Masterbilt.
  5. Hey guys my BC30 just died! Powered her up an the lights went out. That's it...
  6. You had me all fired up to play my EpiphoneBlues Custom 30 which I have not played through in a few months. I disconnect and power down my Bassman, move my Twin out of the way and hook up the BC30. Turn it on to Stanby and wait a few minutes. Power her up and zewwww. Amp lights go out and nothing. Dead! :(
  7. Thanks Red! Here's another! 07 R6 is done now too: ;) Now we are cruising!
  8. Oh cool, thanks Dennis! Ill check it out! My 2005 R9 is all clean and shiny! I screwed up when buying strings as they were all out of my usual choice. I use 10 52s on my LPs but I bought 10 50s!! Im giving it a go and made all the adjustments but man it feels too light!
  9. Lots of love here! Mine is an 07 as well, Awesome guitar! Here she is next to my R9
  10. My biggest fear is getting poked in the eye by one! As soon as I have it wound to the post I trim it before moving on to the next string. All those frayed ends dancing around the headstock after a change scares the hell out of me! Im not sure how people get that nice neat wrap that yousometimes see...
  11. Gotcha! Of course Ive poked myself! Vever hard enough to bleed though! What strings are you using?
  12. Thanks Red! I just use the fretboard cleaner and conditioner that comes with the Dunlop pack. I've used Mequires in the past too as well as the Planetwaves one. You have to be very careful with the Hydrate PWs one as you can stain white binding with it. Ask me how I know... :(
  13. Blood?? What are you doing? Ive never bled changing string!
  14. Svet


    Gorgeous guitar, congratulations! You have over twenty guitars listed in your sig and your parents still buy you guitars?!? Ask them if they are willing to adopt a 38 year old!?! ;) I have my own house a wife and kids so all they would have to do is buy me stuff! Please???
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