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  1. Great question, thanks for starting this discussion and thanks to all for the ideas and suggestions.
  2. Nicely done! I love that song. There's something a little off-kilter in the timing when the Wood Bros play it. I've never been able to quite get it. You smoothed it out nicely.
  3. Oh yeah!. I stumbled across him on YT one evening about a decade ago, and have been a fan ever since. He's very a very very talented singer, writer, and player. His body of work is all over the place, from bluegrass to rock 'n roll. Go see him live if you get the chance.
  4. Good to know, I've been saying it wrong all these years. He's a treasure, my favorite contemporary songwriter.
  5. I have a '16 J-45 Vintage. Haven't noticed anything rough about the finish. It's my favorite guitar.
  6. Thanks for sharing. Is there much of an appetite there for American roots/country/americana?
  7. Me too, or close to it. We use two LDCs for a little more flexibility in our physical movements.
  8. Just about every time we play a gig, an audience member comments on our ETL Josephine.
  9. gfa

    A new toy

    Gotcha, thanks for responding.
  10. gfa

    A new toy

    Do you mean your ETL doesn't pick up those sounds? I find that mine picks up everything! I can easily hear, for example, the clothes dryer running in the other end of the house. Doesn't matter because my recording is for practice purposes, but I am curious.
  11. gfa

    A new toy

    Sweet! My band uses an ETL Josephine. I love it for the simplicity of the one mic approach and the great sound. I usually have the board (QSC Touchmix) and mic set up at home. When I have the house to myself for a while I pull out a speaker (RCF HD 32-A) and do some recording & playback. Had this set up last weekend, and I was giddy at the quality of the sound - not my playing or singing, just the audio quality - particularly for the money spent. Enjoy!
  12. I remember my first trip to California (where I've now lived for many years), flying into LA, on the approach to the airport when we were low enough to be looking down into backyards I noticed that all the yards were fenced. I had not seen that before growing up in small towns back east (WV and TN).
  13. Sweet! Beautiful instrument. Maybe I missed a story somewhere, but how did you get one cherry-picked off the line?
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