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  1. Hi I really need your help, Luis. After perusing the boards it seems like youre the go to man for support! Please see the thread I created. I am very eager to get my software working again.

  2. Hi. I am getting really frustrated so maybe someone can help me. I have been a user of deckadance for some time before this 2.5 version came out. Now, I never had any real problems with it. It DID, however, have one thing going on in the 2.43 version I was using that would not let me register, even after using my flregkey, and it wouldnt show a serial number either. I found this odd since I had to make an account with image line to buy it originally and etc. I'll include some pictures to try and help explain the different options I am shown in 2.5 than in 2.43. After, I downloaded the 2.5, I have not been able to get my older version out of demo mode now - like trying to activate the new one put my old one into demo mode- (it still disk records though..lol) THIS SUCKS because now I dont have any software I can use and record with without sound dropping out every 10 seconds. Please help!!!! Another thing to note is that for Christmas, I received one of those beringher controllers, the cmd 4a, and it had a voucher code thing. Due to my frustatrion and lack of patience - (keep in mind i've been trying to get help from CAKEWALK, waited 2 days just to post on this forum, Gibson wont help me at all over support email, Image-line can't do anything, Stanton has not responded, AND keep in mind ive had to set up accounts for all these places just to ask for help on what I should already have) - since my orignal working 2.43 edition did not show a serial number, I just whipped out the voucher I had and plugged that per your guys instructions. In the end I wind up with 2 demos now, no working version I can use, Loss of DVS edition on my old working one(just says LE demo mode now) and a freaking 19 digit serial number on the 2.5 version. Im so confused and have been trying to get this resolved for over a week now!!!
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