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  1. During Guitar Center's Guitar-a-thon, I ordered a Les Paul Studio Deluxe IV @ $350 off. This was also the price that people had got for used ones on Reverb recently, so I'm pretty confident I got a good price. I love the color in person, and the folks at church thought it was beautiful as well.
  2. I've owned 2 2015 Gibson Les Paul's, and I love both of them: a Traditional (has the robot tuners) and a Gold Top Standard (doesn't have the robot tuners). Love each of them. Don't understand the hate. I have a new 2017 Studio Deluxe IV from GC. Also a great guitar, and I don't understand why people are slamming on them.
  3. GoldJim

    Reissue LPs

    In a Premier Guitar Interview, Snow White said, "What’s the story behind the goldtop Les Paul that has been with you throughout your entire career? When I was 18 I met a Swedish girl, so I went to Sweden, because that’s the sort of thing you do when you’re younger—you go where the girlfriend is. I got in a band there—a trio called the Train—and the drummer knew somebody who had a Les Paul for sale. I didn’t know anything about guitars at all—and I still don’t—but I wanted a Les Paul. I had a Stratocaster, which I didn’t like, and I swapped it for the Les Paul— an all-original 1957 goldtop. That was in 1969. I’ve had the guitar for 41 years. Is it still 100 percent original? It’s a working guitar, and I’m not precious about it, so I’ve changed things when they needed changing. It’s had different machine heads. It’s been rewired. It’s been refretted a couple of times. And it’s got a different bridge, which I put on because [Fleetwood Mac founder] Peter Green gave it to me, even though it was identical to the original bridge. It’s a fantastic guitar, really true in the neck and fingerboard after all these years—and it sings on every fret just as it should. It’s just lucky, really." He sold it? That's too bad. I guess the price was right, because that was truly an iconic guitar. I remember hearing it when he toured with Pink Floyd and of course when he played with Thin Lizzy. Someone was fortunate!: "it sold to some very lucky person for $93,750 (US)."
  4. 2015 Les Paul Standard Gold Pearl Limited Edition
  5. Thanks, Pip. I can't really find a seam in person. Now I wish it DID have one! I went through the paperwork the owner left inside, and guess what? It came from Wildwood Guitars initially. Excellent. I know that GC has some, but I am suspect of the full suggested retail price, so I wonder if they were able to get some inventory after. Still haven't heard from Gibson. :( The neck profile is an asymetrical slim taper (there's a name for that which escapes me), giving me nice access to the upper frets. Not quite a 60's slim taper and not quite the routed bout, but close. I gotta tell you, she's gorgeous and weighs less than all but my 2017 Tribute Les Pauls and a LOT less than my Single Cut PRS. Yeah, I'm wondering if there's a seam I can't spot, but looking down the sides, I don't find one.
  6. A little time playing mine has really just started shining the matte without any waxes.
  7. Thanks. I really do like it. GC carries it and has it listed for exactly the list price that Gibson has on their page. In person, you can actually see the wood grain of the maple cap. The one I have and one of the ones listed on GC's site has what looks like a one piece mahogany back rather than 2 piece. I thought that was strange, because there are some that have a distinct two piece back. Is that a norm in LP's of that period? Thanks, MichaelT
  8. As I said in my previous post, I got a 2015 Les Paul Standard Golden Pearl Limited Edition used. I have reached out to tech support, and I hope I can get the answers I'm looking for. (1) To what number was this limited? (2) Was this exclusive to a dealer? (e.g. Wildwood Guitars) (3) Other than the Grover locking Keystone tuners, gold hardware, and Pearl top, are there any large differences between the specs of this standard and other LP Standards of the same year? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Thanks, Scott. I love the neck. It's the asymetrical slim taper neck. I had the 2015 Traditional, and I traded it for this. I liked the beefy neck on the Traditional, but it made for some real fatigue after hours of playing bar chords in bars for this guy with little and old hands. I found myself trading out to my 2017 Tribute T with the '60's slim taper after a while. Funny enough, the salesman told me the next day that I never left the parking lot and it was sold! It was a Placid Purple. I am sorry to see it go, but I had to do what's right for my wrist and fingers. I'm starting a separate thread for this, but I'm thinking the Limited Edition Standard might have been a Wildwood exclusive. I've seen some Greg Koch videos with him playing them, including one that is 2 serial #'s from mine.
  10. I'm giving life to a dead forum only to find answers. I am looking to find out if anyone has some info regarding to how many the Les Paul was limited to or any other info. They are scarce. I just got one.
  11. That's precisely what I was saying. That policy is completely backwards. I just watched a fake '63 Tele get sold for over $4k and the web site (Goodwill's online sales) had nothing in place to report that it was a fake. One might argue that if you're spending $4,000+ on a guitar, you might want to do a little research; but just because one has $$ doesn't mean that you should be robbed of it by these charlatan's. You would think E-Bay would protect the buyer's from rip-off artists such as these. The good thing is that in the LP's case, it happened, but what about next time?
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