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  1. Hello, I would like to share a little Jam with my 335 Satin Burst from 2019: I hope you like it!
  2. Hello, I would like to share some jamming with my Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2015: Thank you!
  3. Hi guys, I would like to share a test with my Studio, i hope you like it: Cheers!
  4. Hi, I just bought this lady, a Les Paul Traditional 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8FZdDf76yc
  5. Sorry: the model is the following one: Gibson ES-335 '63 Rich Robinson Cherry
  6. Hi guys, I would like to ask about a guitar i would like to buy, if this is authentic or not. I attach a couple of picture, may you help me with this? I also attach a video: https://youtu.be/WmWWJVJENLA
  7. Good evening, I would like to ask for a little help to recognize the following serial number: Belongs to a Epiphone Les Paul Junior Double cutaway: I suspect is a Japanese one but i'm not sure because i don't understand why isn't only J and i see an "I" after J. Year i think is 98, as i see in many pages appears to be information about year by numbers but not from where it is the guitar. I suspect Japan 98...but that I makes me crazy May you help me? Thank you!
  8. Good evening, I would like to ask for some help to price my Gary Moore Signature Les paul 2013. I have the original case and papers. THe bad here it's 2 years ago had a headstock break....as many Gibsons before. I took it to repair and the repairing itself it is super profesional, but...it's there. I attach pictures. My idea is if somebody would help me to price this guitar because i'm thinking on selling it. I live in Spain - Europe and the currency is €. My thoughts are bassed on the guitar as new costed 1700€ on 2013 and there are almost not guitar as this on the market the price would be near of 1200-1000€, but i would like to hear some profesional opinion. THank you!
  9. Good afternoon, I would like to ask if somebody can help with the following: I have a Gary Moore Signature Les Paul 2013, i want to connect the both humbuckers out of phase as the greeny had. I opened my les paul circuit and i see the following: Do you think is it easy to make with this kind of config? At least i see all the cables to make it. DO you have any idea to do it? Thank you!
  10. Hi guys! I'm back. Finally i got it by 300€. I have it with my and i made better pictures. I have a doubt with the year and the serial number, as far as i read in the picture you can see here is this 325075 ? Right? In guitarproject they say it's a 1965 Kalamazoo guitar but as far as i see everywhere the picture are 1972/1971 Can somebody help in this?
  11. Hola guys! Finally i would get it for 400€.... Is it worth it? Take notice that i live in Spain...to all the prices here are quite different from EEUU, i guess there is cheaper but i'm not sure about it. Anyway if i see it's not a good deal i can resell the parts i take for this guitar to sell it on ebay or whatever. Cheers and many many thanks for all your advices!!! I will put new pics as soon as i have it.
  12. Hi guys! Thanks for the advice, i will try to go after it, 400€ its s fair price i guess. The only thing its the seller things the value is like thousands....i will explain the reality and if its ok perfect, otherwise i will have to let it go, i really dont know if it has more issues aprt of we can see in the pics. And also frets has to be changed... and its a big ammount of money... something to think about it. Thank you for all the comment, i will post the end of the story soon 😊😊😊
  13. Hi guys, This is my first topic. I have the posibitly to buy 1 Gibson SG, "but"....i see it's not in good shape and i don't know who to date it and how much i should pay for it. Anyway i would like if somebody can help me to date it and to see if at least what it has it's original. I share pics :)
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