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  1. I have a Riviera P93 Custom RW. The serial number is 16031500606. This id thread is pretty confusing. Can you tell me anything from this number?
  2. I loosen them a little bit. You are going to need to re-tune anyway.
  3. Thank you both for the information. I sent the new bridge back and have the proper one on order. It is the 4MM post. I will also look into replacing the tuners. Again thank you both.
  4. Hello, I'm rather new to some of this so I came here to ask some questions. I have a p93 that I purchased new about 4 yrs ago. Recently I have noticed the guitar will not stay in tune. I decided to switch to a roller bridge. I purchased one from Amazon but when it arrived I noted that the screw size was wrong. I see one is 8MM and the other is 4MM. Do I return the larger wrong one I received or modify my case to accept the larger one? The top of the adjusting screw that comes through the top of the bridge on the larger one, seems sloppy loose. Is this normal or a problem with the bridge?
  5. I bought mine new and it also had no information on triple pick up guitars. I don't play mine a lot because it isn't really appropriate for rock and roll. I use it mostly for jazz. I will consider switching out the electrics. Thanks for the information.
  6. Thank you! You have helped a great deal.
  7. Thank you! You have helped a great deal.
  8. This feels like a really dumb question but here goes. I have a Riviera Custom P93. I am having some issues with one of my potentiometers. The guitar has 3 volume controls and 1 tone control and I have always thought I knew which volume control adjusted which pickup. Now I find out I was wrong or maybe wrong. Can one of you give me some help identifying which is which.
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