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  1. Hi guys, just to ask the members on their experience if any, of playing this particular model .Such a guitar has come up for sale right in my backyard as it were .Before arranging a viewing I would be interested in hearing the opinions of any current owners on the forum. As my next purchase will probably be my keeper, financially speaking, I would very much prefer a classic guitar such as the J45 with its short scale and nut width which is slightly proud of 1 11/16 ".Any advice/ insight very much appreciated !!
  2. I have this strange obsession to own an acoustic guitar built the year I was born. I have no idea the fate of this instrument after it is acquired, but I've always wanted a quality acoustic that has stood up to time as long as I have that I can be the caretaker of for the rest of my life. I also want a slope shoulder J-45. I owned one many years ago and nothing else really sounds like a J-45. I've been saving up to buy a new 2013-2014 model, however sticking with the idea of getting a guitar from my birth year I'm also thinking about a 1976 model. I haven't really heard anything good or bad about the late 70s model J-45's. In general I've heard some nasty comments about acoustic guitars manufactured in the US from the late 70s, but wanted to know opinions here from those who have some first hand experience.
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