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  1. I would like to see pictures mate and as a e by g family member... how much are you thinking?
  2. Oh wow, you did a good job with the chrome mate, i like it! cheers eddie g
  3. Hey Axel, nice Smokey tones in that guitar. One question. No serial number sticker anywhere in the guitar? Lettering is interesting indeed. cheers Eddie
  4. You are welcome mate. But i must say yours might be a very early 86 model since all other 87 ones I’ve seen and beyond (including mine) has the pin stripes, logo, registered stamp, etc. Incredible enough they were very careless using those unreliable paper stickers that come off very easily if you are not careful enough while cleaning the guitar.
  5. I Hey WeirdEpiphone, That’s indeed a very weird one. Never seen anything like it. Even the E by G cursive logo is different. And having the pin stripes makes it more interesting. Let’s hope you find the story behind this one, it’s a beauty btw eddie
  6. It is recommended you post images of the guitar to see the sticker you are referring to, so that could give us a better idea of year, etc thanks eddie
  7. Post images and how much you paid for the guitar?
  8. WOW Che boludo! Esa guitarra esta como nueva!! Donde la conseguiste y cuanto te costo? eduardo
  9. Totally understand your story here buddy, i sold mine not too while ago and now i really regret it. I need to find another one soon, that tone and the guitar itself is a real good player cheers eddie
  10. Yeah cose to that amount is good! You can find them on CL or EBAY for $500-600ish cheers eddie
  11. Yeah cose to that amount is good! You can find them on CL or EBAY for $500-600ish cheers eddie
  12. Hi there, nice find. These guitar usually goes around $600-$900 (depending on the state of the guitar) Here a couple of links on eBay right now: http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-RARE-HEADSTOCK-EPIPHONE-BY-GIBSON-SHERATON-GUITAR-1980s-Made-in-Korea-/182512665352?hash=item2a7e9a4308:g:P8UAAOSw2gxYuL97 How much you paid your friend for it? cheers eddie
  13. Hey guys, still trying to recover my breath after the miraculous fortune to have come across this little amazing "barn find". I don't really know that much about these oldies (late forties/early fifties) but I'm damn sure is the they look absolutely beautiful. This amp is not in any pristine shape as you can see in the pictures but i will definitely have some fun doing some serious restoration. Something i saw immediately was the fact that both speakers are not originals, i know they come with a Jensen P12 and P8 speakers. The handle is missing also and based on the schematics i see the pre-amp tubes and twin power tubes are original. Not footswitch or cover also...any other info you could provide is more than welcome!!! cheers eddie
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