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  1. Holy snikies sinner! Nice job, actually excellent! You really have a nice looking axe there. I just know that my S1 wants to grow and look like your junior. Ok, Im convinced. I'll give it a go. I'll bet that the coat of poly on top of the nitro will peel off with the heated nitro. Yessir, now I'm psych'ed. Gonna try it. Thanks to all for the good ideas. BTW, Merry Christmas to all.
  2. Some great suggestions here, thanks. I have striped down an Ibanez with chemical strip and the acid had a funny effect on the wood and darkened the viens. I covered it with tung oil and it came out "ok". Iwant this to come out perfect. I have seen the heat gun and scraper used, but on thick oil based paint. That scraper scares me on those delicate S1 lines. Hope about a rotary sander? Will chemical stripper mark adler ? Thanks again for your helpful comments.
  3. Beyond my cheesy attempt to get noticed here, I have a real issue and I hope that someone can help out. My new old Gibson S1 is about to get a complete fret job and that will get her playable, BUT, the finish has almost 40 years of hard abuse. - The original nitro cellulose finish had been attacked by turkey numerous platter belt buckles so the back is in extreme poor shape - Some dweeb spray painted polyurethane on top of the nitro, complete with runs and wrinkles So I guess that I have two options - Leave it as it is and let it reflect the glorious past that it has had - Strip it down and get it in pristine condition If I strip it down, how in goodness name do I do it ? - Chemical strip on an adler body? - Sand it down and maybe mess up the fine lines and bevels? Has anyone had good experiences with striping down a gee tar? (BTW, the neck finish is in good shape) Thanks if someone can give some good suggestions
  4. Illegal natural green stuff used to be the best when I was a kid, but now that I'm a responsible citizen, and that the God given medicinal herb is still illegal where I live, I use prescription crap when night 3 comes along without sleep.
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