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  1. SB just seen this for I was off the grid for awhile, but I would like to comment on the TC Helicon. I have had mine for about 4 years now and I rely so much on this thing being a 1 man band and all. First I love the way the body rez works to smooth out the quack that you can get through a PA. TC has some of the best reverbs out there IMAO. The harmonies come in handy if used subtly, and it has a tuner and loop, but not really user friendly in my estimation. All in all for my small gigs I have found a place for it in my arsenal. I added it to a small pedal board with a looper and boss tuner and it works for me.
  2. I use the Senheiser 835 with the TC Helicon Play Acoustic. It does wonders for the the J 45 and on the voice side I use a couple of the Harmonies for Chorus's. I agree with you too that TC has some of the best reverbs out there. I also use Onsong with my IPAD and I can add patches or pads for each song by key.
  3. SB I have a new D35 E with the LR Baggs Anthem and I love it, But I also love the J 45 with a different voicing. I am seriously looking to change the tuners on both. The white buttons on the 45 and Waverly open backs on the D35
  4. Great Job SB! Dude you know that I have been wanting to do the same to my J45 as well. I think that you gave me the inspiration and the confidence to tackle this same project. I have been worried about screwing my guitar up, but your explanations are great and I feel that I can do it. I wish that Grover made a drop in single tuning machine with the white button to replace the rotos. I guess that would be to easy though. Looks great!!!
  5. SB which 3 on a plate did you decide on? The ones that I was looking at on Stew Mac did not have the 1/4 inch string shaft. They were slightly smaller in diameter and I was afraid that they would be sloppy in the 3/8 conversion bushing offered there.
  6. I recently purchase a new 2018 J 45 standard at a great price and would like to change out the Grover tuners. The only thing that I can find that drops in place with the threaded bushing are the Grover Deluxe. I would only have to drill the upper hole because the bottom hole is a fit. I would rather use the Whit button tuners instead, but it would come with more work and more holes. I would like a more vintage vibe if possible without a lot of work. Any suggestions? Thanks for your input
  7. I am a Gibson fan myself and I have a Limited Hummingbird that I love, but a Martin HD 35 would fit into your arsenal really good IMO. Good Luck!
  8. There is a 2015 on Reverb for $1650. Nice looking guitar
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    Thanks for the info...
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    I have tried to resize the pics so it might take a few post
  11. I like the natural color top myself. I found a 2016 limited with the natural top in Canada, but was to big of a hassle to get it ship to the US. It had Rosewood back and sides was the issue I guess.
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    Not sure yet why the no feed back whether the TC had something to do with it not sure. Speaking of TC Helicon Play Acoustic, the thing is phenomenal for small 1 person gigs!
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