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  1. Welll it's been a long 7 months - maybe time for a change of the guard? I vote Hungrycat!
  2. I doubt anyone here has enough information to make a good argument for one or the other. I would assess each guitar individually and forget what country it is from. For the record, my Chinese-made Epiphone is very high quality. Here, keep an eye on this==> http://forums.epiphone.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=10975
  3. ....or try fixing the existing jack first. Sometimes the nut is loose which causes the jack to have some wiggle room and the solder becomes disconnected from the movement. Just re-solder the jack and tighten the nut to see . . .
  4. I'm just waiting for everyone to realize the Time Zone issue has been un-fixed, but a good Admin would have documented the solution and backed up the code, so it should be re-fixed any day now . . .
  5. Ok I'm gonna guess guitars 1 through 3 were out of tune and poorly played - was I right? Close?? ;)
  6. LOL I was thinking the same thing . . . great axe~! Enjoy!
  7. Why do they install them 3 one way' date=' 3 the other way? There must be a reason but I can't imagine what it would be?? Simple/brilliant - good stuff!
  8. Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Difficult to use anything else with a Floyd Rose tremolo (setups are more frequent with heavier strings)
  9. Capo on a 12 string? You're braver than I am . . .
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