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  1. I would kill for a Walnut SG...seriously.
  2. Thanks 80LPC. You're right on the money about that. I just got an SG Standard. I was thinking that the problem was because the bridge pickup is a lot higher than the neck pickup, so it was very sensitive with that treble tone. I'm glad that raising the action solved that issue.
  3. The last time I set my action low my top E string would ring so loud that I couldn't even decipher the notes I was playing. This only happened when I played speed metal riffs. All the other strings sounded perfect though. I tried to use the Rhythm tone, but I couldn't get it to sound the way I wanted after several amp tweaks. I raised the action and the stopbar a little and now it sounds awesome. I'm glad I did because the sustain sounds great, and my bends are easier to pull off.
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