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  1. Thanx, but what happens when the tailpeice itself is made of wood? For example: I,m sure there are some Vintage Gibsons with wooden tailpeices right?
  2. Go for it. I´m seriously considering Bareknuckles meself.
  3. Here´s a question for you vintage gibson dudes; Tun-O-matic bridge electrics (SG´s Les Pauls, Explorers etc etc) are grounded to the treble side post on the tun-o-matic tailpeice, where does the grounding go on wooden bridges with trapeze tailpieces (say on an ES175)? I obviously don´t have one so I can´t check by myself, ha!
  4. For a second I thought that was Tony Iommi!
  5. He´s pretty good, I don´t like the tracks though....haha just kidding!
  6. This one is hard to awnser since noise can come from a zillion places. What I can tell you are my own experiences, it´s usually bad grounding obviously asuming you have a good cable. - Cheap Chinese made pups which are noisy, did some shielding which does a really good job. It will help any ax and here´s how http://www.guitarnuts.com/wiring/shielding/shield3.php - Potchy garbled soldering on the pots, resoldered and fixed. - Loose, and/or broken grounding wires on the ax. Resoldered them in 5 minutes on Strats or Floyds, but on a Les Paul tipe guitar I once had to pull out the bridge
  7. I tried FastFret once. Pretty cool, it left the strings oiled and I felt faster, so I went and bought it. Not for lengthening the string life (I change them regularly) but for a better feel when I´m playing. I almost never use the damn thing and I still have it, and I think I bought it in the 90´s!
  8. I wish someone had told me that about 10 years ago! We just get the willies the first time, but don´t worry after snapping a couple of necks you´ll get the hang of it. Just kidding, I still haven´t messed up an ax by grabbing at the truss rod. Just stop if it feels tight, and never ever do more than 4 quater turns. This monday I had a hard time with some fret buz on a Hamer Sunburst, I had traded in my keyboard for the ax. It had really high action but I figured that I could just set her up in a jiffy. Boy was I wrong, she really gave me a hard time. I had always set my guitars up by fee
  9. El sonido de guitarristas como Jimi Page no solo radica en su Les Paul y ampli de bulbos, también en el material de las cuerdas, de las cuales han modificado con lo que se fabrican. Los materiales cambiaron por razones monetarias: El precio del níquel subió dramáticamente en la década 1970 , de $0.88 centavos por libra de 1967 a $2.07 dólares por libra en 1975, y luego hasta $2.96 al final de la década. Lo que provoco mi curiosidad sobre las cuerdas fue un buen artículo sobre el níquel en la revista de Guitarra Total #110, les pongo un resumen y foto: - En la década de los
  10. Well the only times I watch MTV is with mute. The babes certainly look like a work of art to me.
  11. Beethoven was better! Aw just kidding. I like em too, and nobody said that they had to be guitar instrumentals, so youré correct. ........Did they forget to mention something about the instrument? Well if weré gonna get intellectual, why don´t we make a transcription of this piece for 20 electric guitars, 3 mandolins, 16 lutes,and 4 Chapman sticks. We can email the transcriptions to England! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUJagb7hL0E This one´s for you Whako!!
  12. HAHA! You made my day you Liberal Whacko!!!
  13. I have to fix a jack on my Epihone Sheraton (335)and getting to that little buger thru the f hole is a pain in the arse. I found a solution in the net,here´s how: Simple solution aint it! A string! Why hadn´t I thought of that?
  14. Very nice explanations! It also helps to use your fingers and understand the mechanics of it, play your old n easy power chord with the root on: 8th fret sixth string, down to 8th fret fifth string. Back two frets; 6th fret sixth string, 6th fret fifth string Back two frets; 4th fret sixth string, 4th fret fifth string Back two frets; 2nd fret sixth string, 2nd fret fifth string Instead of playing open strings go up an octave; 12th fret sixth string, 12th fret fifth string Back two frets;10th fret sixth string, 10th fret fifth string
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