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  1. Hi all, does anybody know what the new ‘advanced response’ neck profile on the 2019 acoustics is most like? Seems nearly all are round or advanced response! Thank you
  2. I see in the news that Gibson have just announced some new models for NAMM. The main one I’m interested in is the TV yellow special P90 - does anyone know what pricing it’s going to be, and when it can be ordered? I so wish it was double cut, but it’s the next best thing!
  3. Gibson have just last night anounced a new 2019 model single cut special in TV yellow! I wish it was double cut, but it’s not, but I’m still going to try and get one! Looks sick though!
  4. I’ll join that forum for sure - thanks for the recommendation :-) You are breaking my heart - that looks stunning!
  5. Thanks Rabs, I had seen those, but I just don’t like the pick guard and really have a thing for Tv yellow, :-(
  6. Hi all, Well my 2018 Double cut never came, that I ordered in Dec 2017.... I was told recently that none are to be shipped the UK. Anyways, I still want a double cut and being Greenday fan I’d love the Billie Joe signature one. Any recommendations on where to find these second hand - I’ve looked on eBay, and Reverb. Other places worth trying, or are these like Hens teeth? Cheers
  7. That’s exactly my issue, not knowing when - been given projected dates of Feb, March, June and July..... so far! So it’s not just Gibson that give little information as to their production runs/slots then? Ha
  8. Does anyone have any info on these recently? I'm starting to finally give up hope now! :-(
  9. The comments section disappeared a day or so before the bankruptcy news story...,. I wondered if they had to pay for it so cancelled their subscription or something..... I think it’s gone off all guitars! I’ve hammered my dealer and spoken to Gibson and never get anything solid and dates just keep slipping :-(
  10. Glad to hear you love it - looks awesome! How about the P90s? Im so excited to try them - if it ever turns up!
  11. I actually secured mine a week or so before they went up in price and the dealer is honouring that - but they don’t seem 100% it will ever come themselves. I actually went and bought a Smokehouse Studio in the mean time and I love it, so it’s keeping me sain for now ha ha. How do you find the Junior?
  12. Hi Charlie, It’s my understanding that they went into production in 2017 at the end of the year, and only a short run - all sold quickly. I placed my order I December and was told Feb ish delivery. I’ve since been told they still haven’t gone back into production and to now expect July ish! Dealers don’t seem to know what’s going on! :-/
  13. So, these have been out of stock everywhere for 6 months now and I’m still waiting for mine (ordered December). Has anyone heard anything about when they are back In production and due to start reaching dealers again?
  14. Thanks mate - I’m struggling to get decent info in the UK. I think it’s reasonable to assume UK are likely to be another month after that with shipping and cites! Will be 6 months after ordering if it is June. Looks amazing, so hope it’s worth the wait!
  15. Any ideas when they are going back into production?
  16. Thanks guys - I was more enquiries about the make and specific model of the strings. Could they be Elixirs?
  17. So the double cut special that just arrived was made last year? I’m asking because I ordered one in December last year, and been told they aren’t in production and nobody has stock and to expect it to arrive in July! So confusing!
  18. Hi Mosh, Is that your LP DC 2018, or a photo of one online? Cheers
  19. Hi, A few weeks ago I picked up my 2018 LP studio, in smokehouse. I absolutely love this guitar - sounds, looks and feels incredible. I need to order some new strings for it, and want to keep them same as what is on it, as I love the sound and feel of them(I believe they are 9-46 according to the website). Any ideas what they might be?
  20. Hi mate, Yeah I hope I don’t have to wait long, but should be worth it. I hope you don’t have a long wait either. It has P90s, which I’m equally excited about :-). Just got to decide on a new amp to go with it now. I’m bordering on and Orange Rocker 15, but might well be over kill as most of its use will be at home.
  21. Thanks Johnny, that’s great! It’s actually older than had previously thought to be the case (not that that’s a bad thing). Still straight and plays really nicely. What sort of money would this have been RRP back in 2002?
  22. Yesterday I have placed an order for an 2018 a Les Paul Double Cut to add to my little collection. Seems that there is some vagueness over when the 2018 guitars will actually arrive in the UK, and I have been told it could be a number of months before arrival. Shame, because I am so excited and very impatient already :-) What other lead times are people getting in the UK?
  23. Hi all, I’ve had this Epiphone SG for a while now and I’ve never been sure of the model, year or manufacturing location. I suspect it is an SG G400, but can’t be sure - and any info would be great. Serial number is S0201112063. It has Grover machine heads.
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