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  2. Welcome / Welkom Marc, From a fellow retiree living in the center of Flanders.
  3. You kept your promise. Glad to hear that. Congratulations on the purchase ! AND ..... Enjoy playing your beautiful guitar.
  4. Find it to be a fantastic guitar, beautiful in looks and great to play. Would not hesitate to get one :-)
  5. Hi, Taken a photo of the cavity of my 2015 Prophecy LP GX. Trust this helps to answer your questions. Sorry but I'm not at all an expert on the electronics.... Hope the link will work as well
  6. Just strolling through Amsterdam is a treat, you can smell where the coffee bars are :-) For things to do, did you look at this website (hope the link works as new on forum): https://www.iamsterdam.com/en/see-and-do/things-to-do/top-20-things-to-do-in-amsterdam. Good food in the Netherlands? A country where people eat in places like the Febo :-). But there are good places to eat of course. A food link is this one: https://www.iamsterdam.com/en/see-and-do/eating-and-drinking As I'm Dutch but living in Belgium best place for beer is ...... Belgium. But in Amsterdam you have the Heiniken Experience, a museum. Music wise: see what's on at the Melkweg or at the Paradiso when you are there. The most famous A'dam venue for shows is the 'Carré' (the 'Dutch Royal Albert Hall'). Trust this helps to put you on your way, and ...............don't forget your Euro's :-).
  7. Hello, Dutch and living in Belgium. A now retired, hobby, guitar player, but I do enjoy it a lot. Started playing guitar back in the early seventies, the cassette recorder at hand.... Still have the 67 Yamaha FG-180 from those days. Coming close to retirement got myself an Epiphone LP Prophecy Custom plus GX, a Fender select strat. and most recently a 2016 Heritage Gibson LP standard in Cherry Sunburst. Hope to learn a lot from you, the forum community. PS FZ Fan did reply to your request on the Dutch forum a couple of days ago but message has as of yet not appeared.
  8. Yes this part of the forum not looked at too much as most Dutch speak English..... I am Dutch but live in Belgium. As asked: weatherwise in Oct; Expect rain, temp. around 10°C Best to book up front for the museums to avoid waiting lines. What about a canal trip through A'dam?, visit the Anne Frank museum?, there is a lot to do in A'dam. To see in A'dam only? or see within a wider area? (remember Holland is a VERY small country, heavily populated, with a very good public transport system).) What are you looking for/interested in? Typical Dutch landscapes in the Zaan area (Zaan is river just up North from A'dam) and the Kinderdijk (South of A'dam near Rotterdam). Interested in the Dutch fight against the sea? visit the Delta works & museum in Zeeland. On another thread I saw you asked similar question and they talked about the music scene in A'dam. See if any concerts are on in the A'dam ArenA at the time you visit. Trust this helps (a bit..)
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