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  1. Which model# Grover tuners did you select?

  2. My dream Epi would be one of the two Casinos played and owned by the Beatles. :)
  3. This thread has been helpful to me, so I want to share what I've done. I have a 2016 Epi Sheraton II that I love, and I knew immediately it was a keeper for life. As such, I decided to make several upgrades: - Replaced stock PUs give Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers (neck and bridge) - Replaced all of the wiring and pots and caps with 500K CTS - Dropped in new Switchcraft toggle switch and input jack (and all new wiring) - Replaced stock nut with bone I didn't entirely hate the stock PUs, but after the upgrades, this thing barks. These Seth Lovers are hot, bright, deep, and LOUD. I'm playing it through '65 Fender Princeton Reverb RI, and can get pretty much any sound I need (even in spite of my fairly amateur fingers!). This thing just growls now. It's been carefully set up, too, but I've still had some tuning issues. I've ordered some Grover 18:1 locking tuners that (supposedly) will drop right in! I'll install them Friday, set it up again, and check it out. I don't want to deal with replacing the bridge/stop bar, and I don't think I'll have to. Fit, finish, playability were all stellar upon delivery. The upgrades have taken this to another level. All told, with a original purchase price of US $600 + $500 in upgrades, I have a lifetime guitar that is a beautiful beast. If the new tuners work as expected, this guitar might be the best, most versatile, and most favorite guitar I own. Happy to try to add a sound file/link of what it sounds like now -- wish I had the "before" sound on file. :) Good luck, all, and happy playing. :)
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