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  2. McBeat

    Pioneer DDJ-SX

    Hej Luis, Help me please with my ddjsx. You can see my problems on my post. I have insert the ddjsx midi haraware diagram for you. Ddj sx have 3 notes for jog.90 54 7f is scratch on. If i touch 90 54 7f is on and jog b0 22 and 3f or 41 is on. If i realese 90 54 00 off, is only jog b0 21 and 3f or 41 on. Option with shift are extra. DECKADANCE is the best Software but i non understand all midi massages or c++. Sorry for my english, i come from poland ;). Best regards McBeat Przemek
  3. McBeat

    Pioneer DDJ-SX

    hej, her ist the Hardware Diagram for DDJ-SX https://www.dropbox.com/s/02hpfo6qtfzr39s/DDJ-SX_List_of_MIDI_Messages_E.pdf?dl=0
  4. McBeat

    Pioneer DDJ-SX

    Hej Luis. I must you again nerves;) I have still 4 problems, if still function then is my CONTROLLER perfectly. I ask you from there again for your assistance. I think that the other users also thereby fight and it for all Pioneer owner to be helpful could. I the script from Jogvison hercules viewed myself and wanted it to copy, because that the same jogs and level meter has however I can not all instructions assign. The description is bad OK 1. problem of Jogwheel - if I jogwheel leave loose cancel it abruptly. It is as with Vinyl itself with restraint i have make this: // NN’s if(status == 0x90 && data == 0x67) { set(JOG_SCRATCH_ON_A, isDown); return;} // touch on // CC's if((status & 0xF0) == 0xB0) { if(status == 0xB0 && data == 0x22) { set(JOG_A, value - 64.0, -0.005, 0.005);} // scratch if(status == 0xB0 && data == 0x21) { set(JOG_A, value - 64.0, -0.00008,0.00008);} // pitch band 2nd problem of LEDs for JOG - I have to shine gotten and to turn itself even if the PLAY_A however not in the speed of the song. Thus always equal Pasted Graphic.tiff i have make this: Void OnStart() { // stack int off = 0x00; int on = 0x7F; sendMidiMessage(0x9B, 0x00, on); sendMidiMessage(0x9B, 0x01, on); } void OnTimerCallback() { // this callback is called continunuosly by DD every 50 ms // stack int off = 0x00; int on = 0x7F; (get(PLAY_PAUSE_A) > 0) ? sendMidiMessage(0x90, 0x0B, on) : sendMidiMessage(0x90, 0x0B, off);// Play LEDs (get(PLAY_PAUSE_A) > 0) ? sendMidiMessage(0x9B, 0x0C, on) : sendMidiMessage(0x9B, 0x0C, off); // Jog play LED } 3rd problem of level meters - the LEDs shine however too inaccurately and weakly. Those have only one note but 10 LEDs. I have it with bomes translator found out starting from when to go on. 12 Channel Level Indicator 1/2/3/4 CC 2 - Bn 02 hh Use when INPUT Selecter is "PC" i have make this: (get(LEVEL_METER_A) > 0.125) ? sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, 0x31) : sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, off); (get(LEVEL_METER_A) > 0.275) ? sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, 0x45) : sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, off); (get(LEVEL_METER_A) > 0.375) ? sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, 0x49) : sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, off); (get(LEVEL_METER_A) > 0.455) ? sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, 0x59) : sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, off); (get(LEVEL_METER_A) > 0.475) ? sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, 0x63) : sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, off); (get(LEVEL_METER_A) > 0.575) ? sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, 0x68) : sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, off); (get(LEVEL_METER_A) > 0.675) ? sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, 0x6F) : sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, off); (get(LEVEL_METER_A) > 0.775) ? sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, 0x72) : sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, off); (get(LEVEL_METER_A) > 0.875) ? sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, 0x77) : sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, off); (get(LEVEL_METER_A) > 0.975) ? sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, 0x7F) : sendMidiMessage(0xB0, 0x02, off); Help me please theraby finally a reasonable mapping for pioneer comes the last for users! the trick for jump move sensibility work very well but only with value and not value01;) #include "dd_commands.h" int jogAPulses = 0; // NNs if(status == 0xB0 && data == 0x22) { jogAPulses++; if(jogAPulses > 20) { if(value > 0x40) { set(LOOP_MOVE_FORWARD_A);} else { set(LOOP_MOVE_BACKWARD_A);} jogAPulses = 0;}} Help me please thereby finally a reasonable mapping for Pioneer comes
  5. McBeat

    Pioneer DDJ-SX

    hey guys, I write now very intensively to the scripts. how can I insert the dd_commands.h file into Xcode, so that I can debug it? It is very awkward to do that with DD. The trick with cmd_s is so far. sometimes I forget a sign;,)}. the program does not show that to me, only when I start DD. a separate compiler in the DD would be really great.!!!
  6. McBeat

    Pioneer DDJ-SX

    hej Louis, thanks for your answer. i have a problem with sensitivity for my loop_move. i want this not so fast. I would like that the loop is not so sensitive. Have already tried everything. I just can not get it to set the platter so that reacts differently. The jumps immediately to the end or beginning when I touch the Platter. I want to keep the 32 beat setting. With the jog command you can set it. how can I solve it? I would be very grateful for your help if(status == 0xB0 && data == 0x22) {if(value01 > 0x40) {set(LOOP_MOVE_FORWARD_C); return;} else {set(LOOP_MOVE_BACKWARD_C); return;}}
  7. McBeat

    Pioneer DDJ-SX

    I tried everything. A (while loop, for). The command (is down). But do not get the autorepeat. He jump non stop. Can you help me please? What i do wrong? if(status == 0x90 && data == 0x4D) while (value != 00 && value == 7f){set(LOOP_MOVE_SIZE_A, isDown); return;}
  8. McBeat

    Pioneer DDJ-SX

    Hey Luis, thank you for your answer. Can you tell me how I can make automatic jumping. that means: I want to auto repeat loop_move, i hold the button and it keeps jumping forward. I let the button go it stops. second button to the rear. in the traktor, the function is called auto_reapet. Thanks
  9. McBeat

    Pioneer DDJ-SX

    hey guys. is not there anyone who can tell me how i can to 1. set the „loop_move„ parameter in the script? Exempel: button set 32 ​​beats. i can only make up or down and not direkt set velue 32. 2. I missing the midi message for “grid move“
  10. McBeat

    Pioneer DDJ-SX

    hey. can someone tell me how I set the parameters of "loop move size". I would like to automatically set the parameters to 32 when starting DD. have the jog and button leds driven and I'm almost done with the mapping. as soon as everything is ready I will release it for download.
  11. hey guys. I accidentally came across the software deckadance. I was looking for a dj software with which I can work in ableton. I have serato and Traktor and both can not play what DD can, namely directly in my daw. I'm thrilled, but still missing some futures like: grid midi mapping and several downbeatmarkers. - I find midi scripting great, but I do not understand everything yet. I have the Pioneer DDJ-SX and have managed to map the jogs with led feedbeck synonymous everything else like loops play etc. with led feedbeck. What I can not do is the seek function. I have looked at several scripts and must say that it is not so easy to find the right one. There are many ways to map it. I miss tutorials for that. I hope you can help me to program it? Is there a way to import cues from serato or tractor?
  12. hey. I want to buy the deckadance. But I can not get the led feedbeck for my ddjsx Pioneer.

    how do I do that? is there no tutorial extra for that? comes a 64bit version? Especially the connection to the DAW as vst is awesome.

    Please help

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