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  1. I was under the impression that the 2012 versions of sg standards, lp traditionals, etc, weren't going to have rw fretboards?
  2. Other builders still use rosewood, so wil Gibson eventually go back to using it on standard models?
  3. Yes, I have a SG standard since some years back. I´ve always been a strat-guy but I think my SG is my favorite guitar. The playability and looks are just insainly good. I dont realy know If I like the pups or not, I dont realy have much experience with humbuckers. I agree with other who have stated that sometimes they can get sort of an artificial sound to them depending on the amp. They sound great and natural thru my dual terror though (but so does anything). I rehearsed with my SG and my blackstar ht dual (with sometimes can also sound quite artificial), but I got some realy nice fat
  4. Those of you who like the 490/498 combo in the sg standard, what do you like about them and what music do you play, and what amp/amps are you using?
  5. Elixir. They changed my life. Strings would last for 30 min for me before going all rusty. Elixirs last like forever.
  6. Thanks for your help everyone! I´m changing the bridge PU to a classic 57 plus instead of the BB3, 300k volume pots and covers on the pups and see how that turns out. Booth use elixir nanowebs 10-46, coil split is not engaged, I have lowered the pups o the trad pro a good bit, I might even lower them more. Acusticly they do sound different, but I´ll see how pronunced that difference will be thru an amp after I´ve made the changes to the pro.
  7. Angellus Thanks alot for your help. I´m gonna order a the parts, have a tech do all the soldering and see how it turns out. I´ll try to post some before and after pics.
  8. I bought a les paul trad about 6 month ago. I have noticed its brighter than a 2006 standard I have (unpluged). I dont know if I should be worried or not. I´m not very good at telling if the pro just have more treble or if its thinner sounding. It feels very resonant and sustains great IMO. I do however prefer the sound of my standard, but I dont like the feel of the standard. The pro on the other hand plays like butter. Thought?
  9. Picks? =) You also have trad pro? Yes, I´ve thought about the missmatching colours, hopefully it wont be too distracting. All black pickguard would be too black. It´s like how much more black could it be? And the answer i none. None more black. I´m pretty sure there´s a BB3 in the bridge posision on the trad pro. Are the 57 bright? I was under the impression everyone thought they were very warm sounding.
  10. Thanks for your help everyone. I´m not trying to pass if of as a custom or anything, I just like the cleaner look and colour scheme of basicly black more. I also prefer humbuckers covered on gibson guitars. Looks better and would like a little smoother sound. So I wont try to colour the fretboard or get a different tross rod cover. Is this the stuff i need? http://www.thomann.de/se/gibson_prpg020_pickguard_lp_custombk.htm http://www.thomann.de/se/gibson_potiknoepfe.htm http://www.thomann.de/se/gibson_p57_classic_plus_zebra.htm http://www.thomann.de/se/gibson_pukappe_r_nicke
  11. I´m planing on making my les paul trad pro ebony look more like a custom by putting covers on the pups and changing the plastic parts to black ones. Is this something I can do my self, or do I need help from a tech? Do I need to solder the covers? I´m thinking the plastic parts should be easy. But how about the ring around the pickup selector? Do I need to disconnect the wire to the selector to change the ring? I´m planning on putting the same kind of knobs on it like those on a SG standard. That shouldn´t be any problems, right?
  12. I'm planing on putting covers on the pups on my traditional pro. Is that diffucult? Can I do it myself or do I need a tech? The sound gets a little smoother to, right?
  13. I don´t get it. Why would they make them in that awfull orange hue? Did someone actually think it looked good, or did they run out of red paint or what?
  14. It looked like a standard, big pick guard and all. It didn´t look orange, but like a very orangy version of HC.
  15. I just saw a new SG in a store with that almost light orange colour instead of the deep, dark red some of you guys have mentioned. It did't look pretty. Why would they make them like that?
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