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  1. Like most I'm really happy about these changes and you won't hear any complaining from me. The fact that they've made these changes is good enough for me, even if they have a minimal line up, but with their more popular models. Hopefully they go back to the drawing board and produce guitars that they know are favourites and continue to be desirable, keep it simple stupid and I'm sure they'll bounce back for 2016 by the looks of things!
  2. They're all up on Sweetwater now too, glad to see that they listened...hopefully there's nothing too good to be true about this. Firebirds for $1099, yes please!
  3. Just a heads up man...he's trading you that SG because they were just on sale at Best Buy here in Canada for $200. They put them on a final clearance price and I missed out :(. Not to say they aren't both great guitars, but he's probably hoping you didn't know that...
  4. I play my 2012 Traditional through a 1960's Traynor YBA-1. It's essentially a Canadian take on the Bassman, they are very similar to JTM-45's in terms of the circuit but some of the electronic hardware is different (built like tanks). They're easily modded Marshall spec as well, I have mine rewired to the 2204 circuitry with Mullard EL-34's and it's pretty killer. They're handwired vintage amps and can be picked up used for about $400-500 no problemo! My mod cost me $150 I think? Well worth it!
  5. Ya, Gibson has had some issues with quality. I had to get a new nut installed on my 2012 Traditional, but other than that it's a beast. If you're buying new and from Long and McQuades I'd suggest paying a bit extra for the warranty, here in Canada we aren't entitled to the lifetime warranty on Gibsons like the USA is. But if you're buying used, I'd highly recommend educating yourself on what to look for and how to recognize authentics and fakes. Also take ur time and don't jump on the first one that passes, there are lots of Les Pauls that pop up on Kijiji. If you're in the Toronto area,
  6. That looks to be a nice Les Paul and I'm diggin that tobacco burst. $2k does seem a bit high especially cuz he's saying firm....if you can wait it out a bit longer, Long n McQuades will probably have some sales coming up on 2014's or any remaining 2013's. But that being said, that's a tasty looking Paul but you should see if he'll come down at all in price!
  7. I have a 2012 Lightburst Traditional, great guitar so far. Only had to have the nut worked, which could be any Gibson. I felt the same way about the red backs and that's why I picked my Lightburst, the brown back on some of the guitars just looked off... That being said, the 2013's are what a Les Paul should be, no weight relief, accurate pick ups, accurate, tuners and in that particular year they had great finishes. Can't go wrong with either of them, just play them both and see if they feel good to you!
  8. Here's a great band from up here in Canada, Monster Truck! They've been touring like crazy, opening for awesome acts throughout North America, not to mention they're a nice bunch of guys, if you get the chance I highly recommend checking them out!
  9. Ya back a few years when I bought my Les Paul Studio, the dollar was better than the US. I went to the GC in Buffalo on the US Memorial day weekend and scored such a deal, the words outta the sales guy's mouth were "well I guess we're selling guitars for less than cost today?", matched with the exchanged rate it was a great score. Sadly, that small window is now closed!
  10. The black cases were made here in Canada, the new brown cases are made some where else. Costa Rica or some place like that..can't remember.
  11. Did they not increase pricing on guitars in 2014 as well...pretty drastically even then? 2012/2013 Traditionals were going for $2300 and in 2014 they are on sale for that price. 2015 has a lot of changes coming that most people won't be attracted to as far as I'm concerned, especially not for a price increase! I'm glad I have my Studio Faded and my 2012 Traditional even more so now!
  12. http://www.12fret.com/content/2014/07/23/1972-gibson-les-paul-deluxe-gold-top/ Here's a 72 Deluxe for sale in Toronto, the neck is the same shade. But the finish is much more worn then the one you have in mind!
  13. I also had the same issue with my 2012 Traditional, whether it was the nibs on the frets or the nut there was barely any room to play the 2nd, 3rd, 4th frets of the high e. I took it back to Long and McQuades here in Canada as it was under a one year warranty (being outside the USA) and they sent it to their headquarters (Canadian Distributor of Gibsons) and they changed the nut. With mine, it fixed it and must have just been the spacing of the slots in the nut. As mentioned if it's purchased from an Authorized Gibson Dealer and it's NOS then you should be able to get some kind of work done
  14. I took my Traditional from off the wall, the day it was put up. I kept checking back and checking back, they didn't have any that felt right. I found my Lightburst Traditional and fell in love that day at the store, the wife and I got it home. I noticed a few small things, tiny lil knick above the pickguard screw hole, and a little left over paint on the binding on the butt of the guitar. At first I didn't know what it was, then realized it matched the finish of the guitar and clued in after watching the factory tour that they paint over the binding and then scrape it. All part of some of
  15. Honestly man, I'm not that great of a guitar player and I have a Les Paul Studio and a Les Paul Traditional. When I got my Les Paul Studio I was sooo excited, when I got my Traditional I felt like Wayne and Garth meeting Alice Cooper... The way I see it is if you have the means to get the guitar of your dreams, and you'll actually play it and treat it right, then get it. It's better than it sitting in some lawyers office in the corner as a piece of art deco or furniture lol.
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