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  1. If you have a Gibson Acoustic circa year 2000, this is Gibson's spec sheet for the Guitars in production at that time. And probably for some time. - BT Gibson Montana Specifications 2000.pdf
  2. Hi Lars, Old thread I know. 😉 What you are looking for was once on the internet, so it can often be retrieved through the internet archive, which archived material on most websites. You go to Web dot Archive dot Org and you can search for the Gibson dot com website, It will show you a variety of years and days when it crawled the site. Your J-160E is a subset of the J-45 series, which could be branded as the signature John Lennon model. Here's the link and a pdf I took of your model J-160E. https://web.archive.org/web/20021202161629/http://montana.gibson.com/guitars/J-45/j-160e.htm
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