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  1. Deleted i should have read add first it was an old epi in a brown case with a vail
  2. I came across this add and wanted to share it if not against rules. It came up under a search for gibson guitars. https://annarbor.craigslist.org/msg/d/brighton-tom-delonge-guitars/6813865196.html
  3. did not read forum category right, removed could not find delete
  4. Late happy birthday nice video and tune, dont sweat the losers they are not worth it. Have fun and post more videos.
  5. Thank you for all the response great input and I thank you for it
  6. Thanks for sharing that , great idea
  7. It is a Gibson J 100 Extra 1994 100 year Anniversary and I dont want to put one on it some where that i might mess it up. I have always been a natural finish guitar person and was thinking of trading or selling to get one. But for now i am liking it.
  8. I have never had a guitar with the strap attaching at the headstock. I just thought it would be hard on the guitar neck. Well I have recently bought a guitar with out any button other then on the bottom of the guitar to hook a strap to. So I just bought a strap that will let me connect to the headstock. My question is that ok with out worrying down the road about neck damage.
  9. The new management also mentioned for reaching out to many genders. I thought there were only two, acoustic and electric guitar players. Maybe he was talking about something other, but with that being said there is still only two.
  10. What gets me is a tree grows and then dies and falls over, other trees grow and take its place. The trees purpose it to be cut some where in that cycle to be used. I would almost bet some would go as far as to stop the new planting of this tree to make a point. A tree is a renewable resource a forester once told me trees in general grow for 65 years and then they cut them down to use as lumber and replant that area. He says he will be dead and gone but one thing for sure someone else will cut down and use these trees in 65 years, and plant more. If it were true what the study is trying to suggest, the change would have taken place years ago and they would never would have had to waste their time trying to make a point in the cult of sustainability.
  11. Just found this on Facebook and thought I would share it, some one has to want to have this. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1985584594839883
  12. there's one more with a full belly laying down behind the head stone on the right.
  13. They sure keep that cedar tree pruned up nice.
  14. I keep getting a computer warning that this site is unsecured, I just wonder if I have and over reacting virus protection or do others get that also.
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