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  1. Und meine neue Gibson Nighthawk, 1997, Sunburst Fireburst
  2. Thank you very much. Unfortunately it seems to be nearly impossible to find just one user player or collector of this 94 Limited Edition. Hopefully I will find her sisters for her. BTW I have a '97 Nighthawk Fireburst too. Nice and totally underrated guitars.
  3. That's weird because even the pics I posted in this topic are linked (but not accessable) in my account and wasting my limit. Here is the topic I posted my initial post to, which seems to be deleted some irregular way, because it is still counted as a existing post in the database. I do not want to be exhausting but something might going wrong on here. If it's just a human fault, there is nothing to complain about, but maybe my finding could unsmask an unknown system error?
  4. This is my 100 Anniversary Nighthawk with the No. 97 and the SNR 94018753. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine
  5. Hi ksdaddy. Thank you for your reply and please excuse my poor english! I wonder because it seems like you have taken a look at this SPAM-User "Anna19", but she seems still not blocked or deleted. Even her Reputation is: 0 Neutral. However… that's not my problem. My problem is, that there should be one post with images I uploaded a time ago is still missing. My profile tells me about Active Posts: 3 (0.04 per day) until now, which would include my missing inital post in a thread about the Nighthawk, but I am not able to locate it. Can you see any content of mine not being approved? If I do remember right my inital post was in a thread where users from germany met :unsure:
  6. Dear Admin or Mod: Please answer my post, so that I can be sure that my problem is solved. At the moment I can see this post but it has 0 views and 0 replies. There is also a SPAM-person I like to report (for what I am not allowed) http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/user/98435-anna2019/ and there is a minimum of one posts missing I wrote as a reply to a Nighthawk thread.
  7. Please help me! I am not allowed to do anything since I registered about two month ago. I Can't contact admin (the link does nothing), can't visit profiles (not even my own or one from the staff), post content or even to use the search system to find my own posts (still not approved). Please P.S. I hope someone will see this post, which might be blocked or hidden
  8. Kur-Kölsche Grüße aus 47906 Kempen! Hier meine Nighthawk und meine Les Paul Beste Grüße Sascha
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