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  1. Hey folks, Looking to replace both humbuckers in my 96 Sheraton. Should they be regular spaced? I read somewhere that the bridge pickup might need f spacing. Thanks!
  2. Hello Twang,

    I saw from some previous posts that you have made wiring harnesses for Sheratons. I was wondering if you still do that kind of work. I just bought a 96 Sheraton and would like to rewire and change pickups.



  3. Hello All, Newbie here. Just picked up a 96 Sheraton that I really like. Been looking to start doing some of my own work to save some money. Would like to rewire the Sheraton and replace the pickups. Any suggestions on where to get a wiring harness that would do the job? Any suggestions on pickups? I am mostly a classic rock/80s pop/blues type player. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks!
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