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  1. They guy put the wrong picture in for that heel, that's from a bass he was selling. The actual guitar is a set neck as expected. He wants a little but too much for it but I'm seeing if he'll come down. Maybe I'll end up in the club soon, time will tell!
  2. Thanks JimR56, sounds like the bulk of the evidence points to late 60s model of a guitar probably very few people wanted or bought by then (and hence Gibson probably produced very few). I learned some things about Gibson production as well as this specific guitar so that's appreciated as well. Thanks again!
  3. The serial number puts it in 1981. It looks like a Sonex body shape and has the "The Gibson Guitar Company USA" logo on the headstock, but it has only two control knobs. It also has no pickguard which I've not seen on a Sonex. And the truss rod cover has three screws (correct for Sonex) but instead of saying "SONEX-180 Deluxe" or whatever, it says "GIBSON". A Sonex has zebra humbuckers, this has covered humbuckers of some sort. It has a bolt on neck and the cover says "Epiphone" but as I said, the headstock says Gibson so one or the other is a replacement I guess (I'd assume it's easier to get an epiphone neck bolt cover plate than it is to get a Sonex neck though). According to the Gibson catalog I found from 1981, there was no model like this that year. A lot of that can be explained as someone experimenting (different truss rod cover, different neck bolt plate, wrong tuners, replaced pickups) but I can't explain the unique controls. I have never seen one exactly like it, what is this? It's a bit of a turd, look at the way those tuners are installed. And yet, I need to know what it is! I mean, if it was a Les Paul I'd just assume it was a bad fake. But who would fake a Sonex?
  4. I am curious about this guitar that a lady in my area has posted for sale. I'm not especially in the market for such a guitar but I'm not familiar with it and the logo looks weird so I thought I'd float it here. She says it has the original case, manual and sales receipt and that it's a 1958-1960 guitar. The case seems consistent with early 60s judging from the lining alone. The pictures are poor but if you look at them it appears to be an ETG-150 tenor guitar with the P90 style pickup but the following things don't match other examples I've seen. 1) the tailpiece appears to have a split diamond, not the single diamond that all the other examples I've seen have. May be optical illusion? 2) The witch hat knobs are black, all the others I've see of that late 50s / early 60s were gold. 3) The logo. Where's the dot?! If I assume she has the real receipt and it's from 1960 then I don't know what's up with that logo. Any thoughts? She's asking way too much for it, looks like she wants double what a similar 1958ish ETG-150 goes for but if I can identify it properly I'll pass the info on to her. Thanks!
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