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Looking for good guitar tech in Vancouver BC area.


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Hi all. I have a 1954 J-50 that may need a neck reset. Can anyone' date=' please, recommend a reputable guitar technician here in the lower mainland who I can trust to do this work?


Thank you,



Jeez, Jeff -- you're in Coquitlam? So am I.


As to luthier/guitar techs, I'd suggest Barry Ewart as the guy to talk to. He's in East Van, near Venables and Clark Drive, phone number 604-255-5155. He used to tech for a lot of the big acts -- Aerosmith, etc., and continues to do so for Colin James and others. He is an authorized repairer for Fender, Guild, Martin, Larrivee, etc., and he's worked on many of my Gibsons for several years now, including my "older, used" ones.


He's prompt and professional, and I'd entrust him with a neck reset or related restoration work.


Good luck, and drop me a line off-group to compare notes further.



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