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77 Les Paul Deluxe wiring?


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Hello all,


Can anyone tell me about the wiring for my 77 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe? It is not like

the standard classic Les Paul wiring? The control cavity has a metal plate on the

bottom that the pots are attached to! The ground wire from the bridge to the control

cavity is not there either. Normally you have a drilled channel from the cavity to the

bridge stud, then the ground wire is soldered on a pot? This plate also has in the middle

two connection points which looks like it may be some kind of a ground, and hot?

It looks like maybe a ground wire is coming from the toggle switch to that ground

point connection in the middle of the plate?


I think I would just rather tear this old crap out and install a vintage type of wiring

harness. I still would have a ground issue since there is no ground wire coming

from the bridge?


Thanks for your help.



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